Identifying if Euro or USA Model

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by jeremy2223, Sep 30, 2009.

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    Identifying if Euro or USA Model


    My q9h used to belong to my dad who got it for free at some Motorola conference. I want to know if it's the euro or usa model. I am using it in New Zealand and its Carrier is Telstra in Australia but I don't know how to check where it came from and he doesn't know either. Any ideas? In the band selection menu it has the following options if that helps...

    850/1900 (GSM)
    900/1800 (GSM)

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    ok, after a little research, I believe that the US model uses 1900MHz and the Euro Model uses 2100MHZ for 3G, so I'd try the US rom first
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    Cheers for the reply, I just found this from an NZ site. NOTE: My carrier is Telstra Australia and check what they say here...

    Looks like I will be trying the USA one first (att)
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    So I assume I need an unlocked AT&T version 6.1 ROM to put on my phone?

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