I inadvertently copied my pim.vol from PC to my Q9M. Won't boot up!

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by Jerry S, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Apr 4, 2011
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    Before reading the 'how-to" I copied my pim.vol from one phone onto another, my Q9M. Now the Q9M won't finish booting up. it get's through the VZW welcome, but hangs at the Motorola OS boot up screen. Please help. How can i access my phone and put the old pim.vol back?
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    Nov 25, 2008
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    Try doing a hard reset on the phone if you don't have anything you need in the memory. It will wipe any data you have on the phone (including the pim.vol file that is messing things up). As long as you have the pim.vol on your computer you should be fine to put it back on. Here are the steps to do a hard reset without being able boot up the phone:

    1. Make sure device is off (duh)
    2. Press and hold the center button of the D-pad while you press the power key to turn on the phone.
    3. There will be a "master reset" prompt that will come up, now you can let go of the center button.
    4. Press the left soft key to select "yes".

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