I have Windows Mobile 6.1 !!!! (insert jaw drop) Come and get it !!!!

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by mexiken, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    No buddy. Just hold on a min. Its not up yet. I will give you the name of the file.
  2. LuvrGirl

    LuvrGirl Member

    a joke? you're kidding me right... i know mexiken and he wouldn't joke about it :)

  3. RJNJC

    RJNJC New Member

    Where's the name then???
    Huh? huh?
    You're enjoying this aintya? Showing us the cake and dragging it away from us, leaving us gasping, panting, drooling for it?? :laugh2:

  4. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member

    Mmmmmm..... cake.
  5. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Its up there !!!! Have at it folks.

    Just click the link on the site in my 6.1 sticky, the description will tell you which one it is !!!!
  6. reckoningday

    reckoningday New Member

    mad love my friend, mad love!
  7. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Thank you thank, no applause please, no applause :tounge:

    Just glad I could be the cool one :2cool:
  8. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Oh, and help too :)
  9. cindra

    cindra Active Member


    Nice move procuring the booty! I'm waiting for reports on what they've crippled before I jump. I don't want to end up with LESS than what we've presently got!

    Specifically, does the GPS still work? Also, when you've had it long enough to know, is battery life improved?

    Thanks! :smile:
  10. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member

    Question. If I want to go back to 6.0, can I?
  11. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    GPS still works !!!!
  12. reckoningday

    reckoningday New Member

    Hmmm.. I get an error when I try to open and unzip it.

    Also, need some installation instructions.. still a noob here, lol.
  13. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Yes, that same page has the backup 6.0 file :laugh2:
  14. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Are you sure ???? What did it say ????
  15. mynameisbill

    mynameisbill New Member

    I am having the same issue, stops at 2.9 MB. Says there are no files to extract if you try to unzip.
  16. U-2

    U-2 New Member

    Downloaded file size was 2.89 Mb instead of > 70Mb
  17. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Ok, hold please, do not try to download the file. I will reup straight from my machine.
  18. Icer Mize

    Icer Mize New Member

    Take your time, no sense rushing.
    BTW, you should probably back-up your phone before installing 6.1

    Thanks for you effort!

  19. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Oh yes, in the meantime people, please back up your phones. This wipes EVERYTHING on the phone's memory.
  20. Guardian

    Guardian Active Member

    Come on people, he has been keeping me in the loop and he has chosen to guinea pig himself for all of our sakes. He just finished installing and barely testing it for himself. He needs to get the stuff organized, probably work on some instructions so we don't end up with expensive paperweights and then we are all good to go. Just be happy its coming and those a**holes from AT&T didn't win.

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