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    i guess my question is if you could go back and make the choice between getting a windows phone would you or would you go with droid or iphone?

    i've had my samsung focus for 1 year and 4 months. its been nothing but problem after problem. it got replaced at 9 months into the warranty. its acting up again now and of course the warranty is up. the lady at at&t customer service told me to just go to at&t and get a prepaid phone to use til my contract runs out. of course i still have to pay my $79.99 bill on my focus that is a piece of crap and hardly works til the 2 yr contract runs out in december. why would i give at&t more of my money to buy a prepaid phone from the people that are screwing me, she didnt answer that.

    the problems are no celluar connection even when i have 3g and full bars. yes cellular connection is turned on. live tiles dont work anymore. getting into my music, or apps requires me to tap it like 4 or 5 times til it decides it wants to let me into the app itstead of taking me back to the windows screen.

    i think i would go with droid if anyone cares :(

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