I definitely have a MOTO Q9h with WiFi - is this rare??

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by racingxtsy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. racingxtsy

    racingxtsy New Member

    I definitely have a MOTO Q9h with WiFi - is this rare??

    Hi guys and girls,

    I recently purchased what appears to be an AT&T branded Q9h used on the craigslist classifieds locally. It is unlocked, and I am using it on the Rogers wireless network in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    It definitely has WiFi because I use it to connect to my wireless network at home. It also has GPS built in and the maps.

    Have I stumbled upon something rare?

    I was looking through other posts and someone posted pictures of another Q9h with WiFi and many people on here were calling it a hoax. I beg to differ. My WiFi screen looks exactly the same. I thought maybe I was using data, so I called Rogers and blocked data just in case. It still works perfectly and finds wireless networks often.

    I am not posting this to start a flame war, etc. This is not a hoax. I live in Toronto and am more than willing to meet up and let someone who knows what they are doing look at the phone and extract the software, etc. If there is something enabling this in the software or firmware, I am more than willing to share. The guy I bought it from said he got it from his brother in the USA, who loaded all the software, etc.

    When I have some time later this week or the weekend I will post pictures of whatever you wish. I have nothing to hide. I just want to clear this up, because I was going to sell the phone today and everyone who replied to my ad insisted it is impossible, and one guy even went to the extent of calling Motorola international - and they said the phone never came with WiFi!!!!!!!

    So what the hell am I using??????????

    I hope to figure this out soon and hopefully share whatever mine has with the rest of you - if possible of course.

    Again, this is not a hoax, I have nothing to gain or brag about. I only bought this phone because I wanted to go back to a Motorola phone after dropping my 1st gen iPhone, making it a brick. I find my Q9h fairly bulky and would like something thinner and smaller - but since it's so rare, I'm going to keep it until I figure out what the heck it is.



  2. sherri

    sherri Active Member

    Is there a wifi card in there???
  3. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    i believe there were (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day) a few test units that had wifi built in and somehow you must have stubbled upon one
    i believe there was another user here who had one but hasnt been here in a long while

    any how consider yourself lucky...so yes it would be rare to have wifi built in to a Q9h
  4. racingxtsy

    racingxtsy New Member

    Sherri - there is no wifi card (no external wifi card at least)

    Scott - thanks, I'm hoping it is software / firmware related so we can possibly extract it and share

    This almost reminds me of the old days of when i had my MOTO v3i - when i turned my 'regular' v3i into at v3i with iTunes (when people said it was absolutely impossible)
  5. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    that i dont know...(if i had to guess probably not)
    i suppose if you wanted to try you could dump the rom for other Q9h owners to try
    there is a tutorial thread here somewhere
  6. knyght

    knyght New Member

    lucky you let's trade
  7. ParaCAD

    ParaCAD New Member

    I second that motion!
  8. Vazguard

    Vazguard Active Member

    Pics or it didn't happen. :smile:
  9. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    you sure the h in Q9h isnt an n....and your q is blue? =)
  10. xcode

    xcode New Member

    I agree. racingxtsy please post the picture/screenshoot :2cool:
  11. bmurf

    bmurf New Member

    Why is it so difficult to believe that there could be wifi Q9h's out there? Just look at how many people have the never released VZ Q9n.
  12. Vazguard

    Vazguard Active Member

    Yea but I want pics of this abomination lol.
  13. racingxtsy

    racingxtsy New Member

    Vazguard & xcode / <others who have doubt> :

    As I mentioned, I will post pictures on the weekend / early next week when I get my DSLR from storage at my parent's house (in the middle of a move)

    I understand you may have doubts, but instead of doubting (despite images someone has already posted in the past) you should be posting a URL with instructions of what I should do to extract the FW and/or software from my phone so that you will have what I have and we can have some test mules.

    I don't know anything about modding this phone, nor do I really care. As far as I'm concerned I want to sell it, however I would like to do the phone modding community a favor if I can, just as I received in the past. As I said, I used to have a MOTO V3i that I turned into an Itunes model simply by flashing with a monsterpack, way back on motox site or some Italian site. It worked perfectly until I sold it.

    If someone has detailed instructions on how to do a full backup of the phone, please post the URL and I will get on it. If someone would like to do it for me and lives in the Toronto area, please PM me and I will drop the phone off at your house and let you take care of it all.


    by the way, if someone wants to purchase my phone, it will be for sale once everything is clarified. Hey, it may not be worth much more than anyone else's if we can get WiFi working on everyone's Q9h.

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  14. roscoe22

    roscoe22 New Member

    Just wanted to say Thanks for taking the time to share your find! I'm sure one of the gurus will help to get your info out. As far as i know, the closest we've come was a micro-sd WiFi card from Spectec that never worked out. I can't speak for the rest, but I'm very interested as I'm sure are many others. Thanks again.:smile:
  15. Vazguard

    Vazguard Active Member

    I just want to see it working - I'm not outright doubting you.

    Anyway, there is a guide to dumping your phone's ROM here. It looks a little complicated, but I've done it and it works fine, so hopefully it will work for you.
  16. darkdomino

    darkdomino New Member

    What's the point of dumping a Q9H rom if he's got a unique test version that has WiFi built in. I'm pretty sure that your average Q9H out there doesn't have a dormant wifi radio in it waiting to be turned on by a ROM change.

    I mean... maybe I'm missing something but that seems to be your intention, that somehow dumping your phone's ROM will give other Q9H users wifi capabilities? I highly doubt that would work dude. I hate to rain on your parade but I think it's a hardware thing not a software thing. I could be wrong though.
  17. racingxtsy

    racingxtsy New Member

    Vazguard: Thanks for posting the guide to dumping your phone's ROM. I printed the guide and downloaded the software available in the first URL in the guide. I will try and follow these instructions tomorrow evening or very soon. If I have any trouble I will ask you for help. Do I need to back up the three ROMs mentioned in the guide or just 1 of them? Should I zip it or rar the file(s) when completed? Do you have any suggestions for a free upload service? Thanks.

    darkdomino: The point is we don't know what I have. My phone looks like a regular AT&T branded Q9h; it doesn't look like a prototype 'style' phone. I just wanted to make sure I shared what I have just in case it enables Wi-Fi in other Q9h phones. I could have simply sold my phone, but I thought it would be best to share what I have and if it doesn't work, at least I know I tried. I definitely have Wi-Fi on my phone, and it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary; dedicated AT&T key and all.


    Here are the pictures of my MOTO Q9h with Wi-Fi & GPS built in:


    Please stay tuned for the ROM, my fingers are crossed.

    My phone is for sale, please PM any serious offers and I will sell it to the highest bidder once I post the ROM and it either works or doesn't work.


  18. roscoe22

    roscoe22 New Member

    Info from an other WiFi/Q9h thread that might help ID this phone's hardware as an early Rogers with WiFi (prototypes known to exist), or an AT&T model (see stickers under battery):

    AT&T: FCC ID is: IHDT56HW1.
    Rogers: FCC ID is IHDT56HW2.
  19. racingxtsy

    racingxtsy New Member

  20. Vazguard

    Vazguard Active Member

    Nice. The image of the connected wifi icon with nothing protruding from the side is what I wanted. Nice one. Quite a phone ya got there.

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