HTC HD2 userinterface questions

Discussion in 'HTC HD2' started by swoop5511, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. swoop5511

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    HTC HD2 userinterface questions


    2 questions regarding the HTC HD2

    - when i unlock the phone after its gone to stand by / sleep, it always defaults to my facebook contact page rather then the homescreen no matter what screen i was on before it went to stand by. Anyone know how to set it so it always "wakes" on the homescreen?

    - I travel abroad for work quite a bit on short trips, is there a way to turn of the data connection via 3g etc? While abroad i rather use WiFi to get online then pay endless fees.

    When i manually turn of the connection via settings it turns itself back on when the phone goes to sleep. Is there a way to turn that off and it stays off until i turn it back on?

    thanks for the help

  2. jez105

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    Just a thought, have you tried task manager to stop your facebook app from running after you have finished with it.
  3. PacoJr67

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    if it was set up like the Touch Pro there will be a connection manager in the programs menu. you can use that to set the phone to airplane mode and use WiFi

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