HS request: zoo york

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    HS request: zoo york

    I was looking at Der Altas homescreens and I was wondering if someone would be able to change the background to one of them. Also, if its possible to switch the "Clock, Profile, TXT/EMail, Programs" to the left of the screen and have the image towards the right...just backwards.
    Also, having the icon bar on top instead of bottom.

    I was wondering if someone could use that theme with a zoo york logo. (ive attached a logo, it doesnt have to be this one, its just an example)

    The color scheme would be best if it could be like black/white and maybe some red...idk. If i could make these, i would. Like the Start bar be black with white text.

    Im sure you have a better idea than i do, i just dont know how to actually go and make one.

    thanks a bunch!

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