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    HS Help!

    Calling all HS Professionals:

    Ok. So I finally broke and started to edit some XMLs.

    I am trying to combine 2 HS that are NOT my own. The first is the iPhone screen by Ekos and the second is the WM7 screen by Ekos.

    Basically, Im trying to use the XML layout from the WM7 HS and place it on the background image from the iPhone HS.

    I finally got the SMS/EMAIL/MMS/VMAIL numbers down where they need to be, but when Im trying to get the DATE/TIME info where I want, it either disappears or gets cut off:


    Basically, everything is where I want it (MRU, profile, SMS/EMAIL/MMS/VMAIL) EXCEPT for DATE/TIME info.

    I would like the DATE/TIME plugin to be centered in the gray bar above the SMS/EMAIL/MMS/VMAIL.

    I have attached the current XML so if someone could please assist me, I would appreciate it greatly!



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    Play with the plugin height of both profile & Date/time. First u can just add to the height of the profile to push the date & time down to the grey box, or u could add the spacer plugin to do the same.
    Second, it looks like the date/time plugin height is way to small(thereby squishing the date/time. Try increasing that height to 27. I didn't have a chance to look at the xml or I could have made the changes for u. I'll check it out later for ya.:smile:

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