How to Unlock the HTC SNAP Sim Slot

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    How to Unlock the HTC SNAP Sim Slot

    Ok... here's some information for anyone that would like to be able to use the Sim Slot on the SNAP here in the good ol' U.S.A.

    If you call VZW Global Support @ 1-888-844-0395 and tell them you are leaving the country soon and would like to unlock the GSM Sim Slot on the phone to be able to use pre-paid sim cards while you travel they will give you the instructions and lock code to do it.

    This accomplishes two things -

    (1) If you do travel internationally you can buy and use pre-paid sims where ever you are and do not need to pay VZW rates.

    (2) Allows you to use At&t and T-Mobile Sim Cards in the Snap and make and recieve phone calls on their Network while here in the U.S.

    In order for them to unlock the phone you must be a VZW Customer for 90 days and have an account in good standing (it doesn't hurt to have the phone on a business account - seemed to work faster for me).

    Yesterday I called VZW, had the phone unlocked and had made a test call using both a T-Mobile and At&t sim card within 5 minutes.

    Good LUCK!!!!!!!
  2. jplee3

    jplee3 New Member

    I tried this with the Ozone when I first got it and the girl couldn't figure out how to do it. She later called back and told me I have to call HTC directly and have them do it with the prepaid sim in the slot. Ughhh, I guess I'll try again later. I'm way over on my minutes right now.
  3. igedoc

    igedoc New Member

    When I called few weeks ago, she told me that Ozone does not have SIM card and it's not a world phone. :gasp: I haven't tried calling again.
  4. jplee3

    jplee3 New Member

    Are you sure? The Ozone is with Verizon btw. The Snap, from what I understand, is under Sprint. The Ozone for sure has a SIM card slot though.
    Really strange...
  5. igedoc

    igedoc New Member

    yes, the ozones come with verizon SIMs. I had an Ozone in my hand when I was talking to her so I knew that she was wrong. I did not have the time to argue with her and it was not urgent that I did not pursue it at the moment.
  6. gr8mick1

    gr8mick1 New Member

    Just called at 720am took about 5 mins to get done. Unlock Code worked first time. Thanks for the help.
  7. gr8mick1

    gr8mick1 New Member

    FYI after you unlock the SIM, the default code for Enable SIM PIN is 1111, once entered you can change the SIM PIN to anything you wish.
  8. jplee3

    jplee3 New Member

    Thanks guys! I was able to get it unlocked without a hitch. I think at the time I first called in, the phone was too new and the girl had no clue. But I should be all set. Gonna test with T-Mobile when I get home.

  9. darkstarchuck

    darkstarchuck New Member

    How about Posting it?

    Could anyone that has already gotten the instructions and code, post them here? If you're afraid to, PM me please. :2cool:

    Thanks in Advance!
  10. gr8mick1

    gr8mick1 New Member

    go to settings - phone - network- put phone in GSM only. Then go to security and select sim manager then go to unlock sim. it will ask you for a code. you do have to call to get unlock code it is different for every phone, unique to each sim card. but it you follow the first post you shouldnt have any trouble getting the code they dont mind giving it to you it seems.
  11. darkstarchuck

    darkstarchuck New Member

    Done! Thanks! The CSR told me that the number is based / generated from the ESN....
  12. thorencius3

    thorencius3 New Member

    How are you getting your hands on and Ozone, and also have a T-Mobile sim card...sounds like you would need to have two contracts...
  13. darkstarchuck

    darkstarchuck New Member

    Borrowed a t-mob sim card from a friend, just to try it. Really just wanted to be able to get a sim card out of country to use, and/or at the end of the contract, have many options. :dft003:cool
  14. jpj331

    jpj331 New Member

    If I unlock the Ozone, can I put in my AT&T SIM card and use both numbers from my Verizon and AT&T account at the same time? I would love to not have to carry around two phones.
  15. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    I believe you can use one or the other...but not both at the same time. On my Nap GSM setting uses SIM number and CDMA uses Verizon number. If you set it to auto it defaults to CDMA if you can get a Verizon signal.
  16. DECGTC

    DECGTC New Member


    Just to let everyone know... we had unlocked the SAGA the same way and used AT&T SIM... Worked for a while... When people started posting on various sites --- They somehow shut it off... Really &#(*## a lot of us... I can only guess they have a way to detect, they had a mole, or they do indeed watch various boards... :007:hammer
  17. mrv

    mrv New Member

    Is it the same as the phone's ESN number?
  18. darkstarchuck

    darkstarchuck New Member

    I don't think so, but I don't have the number they gave me anymore :016:upset Good news is that after several master resets (memory clears), the SIM still claims to be unlocked.

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