how to speed up gps locks?

Discussion in 'Samsung Saga' started by blackmeto, Jun 25, 2009.

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    It appears to just open the port and listen for data. It doesn't really turn the gps on and off so to speak. WM puts the gps to sleep when no one is using it. The problem comes in when the phone goes to sleep. So do the apps, hence so does the gps to save power. If you don't get an initial lock while the phone is awake, you don't get a hot start later and it has to start over. It does do essentially what gpstest does. I'm not convinced that I've found an app that can get a cold lock out of this chip faster than gpstest. I think gpstest keeps the phone/gps from suspending. Not good for the battery but does get the job done. Problems seem to arise if other GPS apps are opened first too. The first app to open the port is primary to speaking to it somehow.

    The ephemeris loaders download the sat data and send it to the gps using a modem command similar to a Hayes AT command (AT SETGPS) I think this data expires faster than we think for these limited gps chipsets. I notice that using the ephemeris data, the gps immedately sees sats that are often on the horizon. If you allow it an initial 30 seconds of sky view it can find the others, build it's table of local birds, and stay locked with limited signal inside or driving. After the data is even a day old, it is much less useful.

    Since the gps interface is essentially like a modem, sending the wrong commands at the wrong time could easily mess it up or leave it hanging. Hence why so many people are having issues, I think.
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    I've had that second quickgps on my phone for at least a week and its working perfectly. It automatically dl's new data when the previous expires and it even shows the update schedule in my calendar
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    which file in the 2nd?
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