HOW TO: Motorola q9h housing replacement

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by ventivent, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Sure thing... as soon as I get it in I'll report back. Although, I don't have the silver H if that's what you are expecting. I just wanted my phone to look new again =).
  2. ModelMaker

    ModelMaker New Member

    Hey thanks. I'm interested in what you think of the whole experience.
  3. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    No prob. I will prolly receive in a week.
  4. ModelMaker

    ModelMaker New Member

    OK, your weeks up. :laugh2:
  5. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    LOL! Not here yet.
  6. naznomad

    naznomad New Member

    You're totally right,it's bloody awful. How the hell they came up with that combo,who knows. I have to keep turning and twisting the phone around so i can get just the right light to see the keys because the silver is just too shiny.

    So come on ninjaap,did you do it yet? I'm dying for a tutorial,mine is still sitting here waiting to be put on but I'm still nervous about ripping the old face off and screwing it up til someone shows me the right way to do it !!!

    Here's a pic of the face plate bits next to the silver face,what a difference !

  7. ModelMaker

    ModelMaker New Member

    Who did you get that from naznomad? I haven't had the best of luck with .cn vendors.
  8. naznomad

    naznomad New Member

  9. ModelMaker

    ModelMaker New Member

    I saw that outfit but was scared off by the this aint a new part disclaimer. From the looks of your picture I'd say it's as good as new so I placed the order. Thanks man. Can't wait to get it.
  10. ModelMaker

    ModelMaker New Member

    Well I got the same stuff as you naznomad. You do not take the phone apart so installation is a piece of cake. Simply pry up the top lens and remove. Then it's the same with the keypad. There is a white plastic sheet under each part. They stay with the phone. Be careful with fingerprints and dust if you're as anal as I am about such things. A can of compressed air comes in handy. Also, be sure the new parts are lined up properly before you press 'em down. You're gonna love it!
  11. elsmacko

    elsmacko New Member

    I got mine done! I have had the housing sitting around in the original envelope it arrived here from CHina in for a few months.

    Here's my situation; I have 2 q9h's, one is unlocked and it is used, has been dropped many times by myself and previous owner. Everything works perfectly on it, of course because it loves abuse. THe othe q9h is in mint condition, hardly even a call made on it. BUt it's locked to AT&T, and I have t-mobile.

    Well anyway the one I use for t-mo is the beatup one so I switched the housing with the black one. ALl in all it is as good as the moto, I think it is the real deal. They say vodaphone on the battery cover, I think these are actual vodaphone oem housings.

    I do have a couple small complaints:

    1. My Y key does not click when pressed. It still types but it does not click which sucks. Keep in mind though, my original one did that for a while and then later it came back.

    2. The feeling of the keypad is weird compared to the shiny one.

    Anyway, it's pretty good, but only do it if you need to, like if yours is beatup or something. Then it's totallt worth it.

    I have now decided I will swap the keyboard/front of this black setup with the mint condition black and silver one that I have! I prefer the smooth keypad like I said.

    And with the old one off this I may experiment with seperating the keypad and get back to everyone with my findings.

    Pics attached...

    Attached Files:

  12. ModelMaker

    ModelMaker New Member

    Odds are if the new keypad does not work perfectly it's because of missing disks. There are small clear Lexan disks, .06" diameter x .005" thick, that should stick with the white membrane and not the old rubber keypad. I noticed around 20 of them stuck to the old keypad when I did mine which caused a few odd feeling and one no click key with the new one. I removed the disks from the old and attached with dabs of RTV out of a syringe to the white membrane. Oh yeah, another important detail is to remove all the old double-back tape.

    Works perfectly...just like the silver one except I can see the lettering.
  13. naznomad

    naznomad New Member

    OK,but how does the new ones stick to the phone once you pry off the old ones? Is the stickiness on the phone,because on my new keypad,its does not feel sticky.

    This might be a bit of a moot point now because this phone has been acting up a lot lately and i may take it back to atat for exchange,I'm not too impressed with it after having had it for 4 months
  14. elsmacko

    elsmacko New Member

    Wow I did a whole housing I got from ebay, not just the top part. I thought that was what you guys were doing also. I should check out that sight with the keypads/creen covers.

    Mine is the black housing from ebay check out my pics in my first reply..

    It sucks that my Y key does not click.
  15. naznomad

    naznomad New Member

    I think this thread started off with the whole housing swap and then turned into just the faceplate swap !
  16. ModelMaker

    ModelMaker New Member

    Sorry for the late reply. I should have been clearer about old tape removal. I meant to make sure the keypad area is clean. If not there will be issues with some keys not giving tactile response. The new keypad will have adhesive at the bottom and the top part will probably have the old adhesive around the perimeter which should be sufficient to hold the new top. I've done two swaps now and that has been the case in both. One other important part is to make sure to save the black tar like substance on the three copper pads on the bottom half. Without this substance the lights will not work. I learned this the hard way and had to use nickel print paint to make a connection.
  17. selfpromoting

    selfpromoting New Member

    Managed it!

    Managed to do this semi successfully. My earpiece wasn't working so I removed the cover as instructed and cleaned the connectors with white spirit and now it's working again. Only issue I had is that I broke a couple of the clips on the top back cover (I know, I was warned!). So if you try this be very careful on that part. But apart from that it was easy so thanks for the t:dft010:big_smileutorial!
  18. blu3manic

    blu3manic New Member

    can anyone here confirm or can anyone whose bought the oem relacement front housing that is the full faceplate with keyboard and keyboard chip tell me if replacing the old att faceplate with this new oem will change the backlit LED from att's shitty turquoise color to the much more appealing European dark blue backlight?

    the reason im asking is that ive found many ebay buy it now listings with free shipping
    for new replacement att branded front faceplate housings for around 5 bux

    and i find no reason in shelling out an extra 15 bux for a oem housing if it is barely any different from the att branded one and if the oem DOES change the backlit LED color then i will gladly fork over an extra 15 bux
  19. jm1647

    jm1647 New Member

    Any pointers on what to use and where to pry up the top lens. The screen on my daughters q9h is cracked and I wanna try to replace it. I have ordered the replacement top lens but it did not state if it comes with instructions. The replacement is in the mail and has not arrived yet, I wanna be ready when it comes. :dft010:big_smile

  20. jm1647

    jm1647 New Member

    Replacing the screen was a piece of cake! I used a single edge razor blade, started at the bottom right hand corner and worked my way around. The old cracked screen cracked more but removal and cleanup was easy. I got mine from a US seller in like 3 days from

    $7.99 with free shipping is what I paid. The big center button is silver and not gold as in the pic.

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