How to make the Menu bar in Internet Explorer FIXED - On SAMSUNG CODE SCH-I220

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Software' started by RMP, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Help please!!!!!!!!!!! with SAMSUNG CODE (SCH-I220):
    I'm trying to make the 'menu bar' fixed on the Internet explorer page. Right now it only appears there if i press the little line on the left side of the phone. If I dont' do that, I see all the webpage complete, but the problem is that when I'm entering a password I don't know if I'm typing letters/numbers/caps or what. That's why I need to see the Menu bar & when I tap on the little line of the phone, the menu bar appears but I see it for a second,and it dissapears once i go back to the little cell to enter my password.

    Anyone knows how to make that 'floating' bar FIXED???

    I spoke to 4 reps so far (3 from MetroPCS + 1 from Samsung) and they told me they can't find how to do that or that the phone does not have the ability to do so. And that's not real because I used to have it like that 1 month ago on this same phone, but since that one was getting frozen I exchanged it for this other one (which is a new one, but same brand! SAMSUNG CODE!) and now i can't remember how to make that menu bar FIXED.

    Anyone remembers/knows how to do that, please?​
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    Please only post your questions once, more than one time will make it confusing when you get answers. Other post has been removed.

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