How to get your Q to work with Cricket

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    How to get your Q to work with Cricket

    Reflashing a Q for Cricket is a very complicated process, can be rightly called a nightmare, if you are not up to it, find a Cricket dealer that does reflashing work, save yourself the hassle. If you rather save a few bucks and don't mind the mayor hassle, then try the following, it will at least save you many hours of searching for the right information on google and many sites.

    To reflash your Q phone for Cricket you will need to understand completely the information on the following link (not for the faint hearted):

    Additional helpful information is found at and at

    Once you understand the above links, you will understand the need for the following one:

    That should save you a lot of hunting. As I said, it is a bit of a nightmare.
    If you are having problems in spite of following the above, you may need to perform a firmware update (this will wipe all your flash settings, so a reflash will be needed)(make sure to choose Verizon, not Sprint): USB Data Cable

    Note: Motorola will not allow you to download the update if you provide a date that is too old.
    If you are experiencing freezing in connection with using your Q with Cricket, your Q might be defective. I had mine replaced and it solved the problem.

    Disclaimer: I am no expert on this, I just read and understood the information, though it took several tries to get it right. If the above does not work for you, ask at the Howard forums, but they may just tell you to read the directions again, they are a little crabby about having to repeat themselves.
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    Manual programming

    You may already have gotten the following instructions from your dealer, but just in case, here they are again, verbatim:
    PLEASE DO NOT Dial *228 for Programming.

    Power On Motorola Q
    Press ##073887* TALK
    You should see SPC Check Enter Security Code
    Enter 000000 (6 Zeros) and Press OK (You have to press Tab key next to letter Z also called as Shift Key in order for digits to show up)
    You should see Programming Menu
    Scroll down to Extended NAM and press OK
    Select NAM1
    Enter MIN Number (You will get your MIN number from your cricket dealer)
    Now Scroll down to MDN and enter the Phone Number
    Now Scroll down to CDMA SysID and enter 4621
    And Press OK followed by power on/off key
    Now the programming is complete.

    Q Manual Programming Instruction for Browser:
    Go to:
    where you will see HTTP-( ) and Press OK
    Scroll Down to Username
    In user name type your 10 digit phone number followed by
    Now in Password type: cricket (please make sure its in lower case)
    Now Press Done.
    Go to Internet explorer > menu> address bar and type
    It should ask you for User Name, Password Domain
    Please enter the following
    your username
    *Please leave Domain Blank
    Please Scroll down and SAVE the password and press Done.

    *228 for Programming.
    Doing so will lose all the Cricket Settings.
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    Additional MMS fix

    If you still cannot get MMS to work with Cricket after all the above, try rawkeez's suggestion (from this discussion:

    "enter field test mode

    ##00**83786633* send

    Choose ENABLE on field test mode


    then press ##* to enter the field test mode

    go to Field test menu on HDR preference

    choose CDMA only



    This works for me.. hope it will work for you"
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    I had the worst time getting MMS to work... everything else did... I could receive MMS, but just could not send!

    Here's how I got it to work :

    After a bad attempt to flash a MonsterPack, and ending up with a semi bricked phone, I went and got the MSU (Motorola Software Updater).

    After running the MSU for Verizon (since I have a Verizon phone), I did the rest of the guide as listed here :

    Once completed, everything worked. MMS, WAP, SMS, sending and receiving!

    I hope this helps others that can't get MMS to work.
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    That's odd, I was under the impression that the Monster pack approach is not necessary with a Verizon phone, at least I never did need it.

    As as the update, you need the Verizon update regardless of which Q you have, or the Howard instructions will not work if you have the Sprint update.
    If I understood the instructions correctly, the Monster packs are only needed for Sprint Qs, though it makes more sense to simply overwrite the Sprint Setting with a Verizon update, less of a hassle.
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    Here's a very quick guide that's worked for me as well... I've done it 3 times now... I like to install software on my phone, so it get's corrupt really quick... haha

    Install Flexilis (or dashwire) to backup your contacts (Flexilis will allow you to restore picture/videos/sms/call history as well)

    Get the Motorola Software Update Tool, and RSD Lite.

    Press and hold the A, return, and center button to boot into BootLoader mode while turning your phone on.

    Open MSU and select the original carrier, and update your phone. This reinstalls the firmware, and gets rid of all the extra crap on the phone.

    Once it's done, open RSD Lite, and select phone provisioning. Place a check mark next to PRL and Mobile IP. Select READ PHONE. This will take a minute or so... yes, a full minute...
    Click on the word PRL. Then click on OPEN FILE, and select the PRL you downloaded from here :

    Click on the Mobile IP word, and make sure SIMPLE IP is selected in Mobile IP Behavior.

    Click on WRITE PHONE. This will only take a few seconds, and you'll get an OK box to click...

    Now, your almost done! *228 your phone, yes... that's right, *228. Now you have text and talk! Fully working. But we want MMS/Mobile web, right?

    Download this file, and extract it on your C drive... right in the root...

    Open the Delete-n-set.xml (right click, open with > notepad)

    change the phone number to yours...

    save it, and then open the command prompt program.

    type this exactly (press enter when there's a new line)

    cd q
    rapiconfig.exe /p delete-n-set.xml

    (stop typing into the black window now)

    Now, you just have to set up your phone to use Cricket's servers for MMS and Web.

    Install any of the registry editors you can find... go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Motorola -> MMS -> Profiles... select VZW MMS and press values (softkey)

    In IP ADDRESS change it to
    In MMSC URL change to

    Now, go to Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Proxy

    Put these settings in
    Connects From : Cricket_WAP
    Connects To : The Internet
    Proxy (name:port) :
    Type : HTTP
    User Name :
    ******* PUT YOUR NUMBER IN *********
    Password : cricket
    ******* ALL LOWERCASE *******

    Restart your phone, and send a test MMS... if it works, just into Internet Explorer, and test the Cricket homepage,
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    I too tried to cut corners at the beginning, and indeed *228 will get phone and basic text working. Check the howard forums for discussions as to why it is best not to do this, and why the extra steps are needed.
    Also, some phones are preflashed from ebay, some are flashed from scratch, among those, some come from Sprint, and some from Verizon. Each of those cases needs to be treated a little differently.
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    Thats the steps for a Verizon to Cricket phone... I've tested it on several phones now, and each one works perfectly... you'd swear (other than the Verizon logo) they were cricket phones
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    ive done the stupid xml file thing 9 times still no internet? swear to god. this is stpid as fuck
  10. blackmage

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    so um why cannot i not get internet working i have done this flash 9 fucking times changed the rapid ip put in the correct number all that bullshit NOTHING
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    The last post was from 2009. Most of these peeps have probably moved on to other phones. Cricket not offering any help?

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