How do I reset my Windows Live account on my Windows Phone 7?

Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by devid diya, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. devid diya

    devid diya New Member

    My Hotmail account was recently hacked and blocked, so I had to reset my password. I have a Windows Phone 7 and it won't let me put in my new password on my mobile email. It says that my password is still incorrect, even though everything is fine on my computer. How do I get it to where I can recieve emails on my phone again?

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  2. RandomAlec

    RandomAlec Member

    If it is saying your password is incorrect, then it must either be incorrect or you need to contact support so they can resolve the issue for you.

    Receiving emails on your Windows Phone is simple, you enter the login and password through the emails & accounts settings option on the device itself. Like you said, the password seems to be incorrect, so you need to resolve that issue before worrying about actually being able to add the email.
  3. xiashang12

    xiashang12 Guest

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  4. TBryan

    TBryan New Member

    I had a similar thing happen to me and had to change my password on my Windows Live account but the phone keeps reverting back to the original password and does not save the new password whenever I turn the phone off and turn it back on again. Is there a way to change the password and have it save it on the phone? I worked beautifully for the past several months with my old password but does not want to store the new one...

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