How do I make the sound louder on YouTube????

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by mwhayes, May 13, 2009.

  1. mwhayes

    mwhayes New Member

    How do I make the sound louder on YouTube????

    My speaker phone volume is fine, but when I play videos on youtube and window media the sound isn't very loud. I have downloaded but none of the changes I have made have made a difference so I reset them to the original settings. I would appreciate any help (P.S. I'm a noob)

  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    hold in the scroll wheel and scroll up
  3. ParaCAD

    ParaCAD New Member

    Are you sure, Scott??? ;)
  4. dafoxs

    dafoxs New Member

    Are you using skyfire to view it?
  5. mwhayes

    mwhayes New Member

    still not loud enough, how do you use skyfire to view? I downloaded the to my cell I have tried making changes, is there anything i need to do after i select "done" so it will save the changes?
  6. mwhayes

    mwhayes New Member

    nvm thanks it worked

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