How are people getting 2 day battery life?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by Sosly, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Peregrine - You confuse the hell out of me. All your earlier posts talked about setting some value to NEVER. I only found this option setting under a POP mail account, not under an exchanger server actve synch account. I stated way back that these above options existed but it was under Activesync- Exchange Server configuration. This is what I have had in place all along.

    I did some additional research into how the mail push occurs between Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows Mobile 5 Activesynch. Basically, there is something called "direct push" technology that handles the connectivity and synchronization between the server and the client.

    Here is a link to how it works.

    Additionally, you can view your own activesynch log at

    It would be very interesting to hear what your heartbeat does. I'm trying to get my hosted Exchange provider to up the parms so the connection will stay alive longer between pings. Look at the link above to get started into how it all works under the covers.

    FYI - When I was posting earlier in this thread I was hunting down ways to optimize battery use. However, I recently have a Bluetooth GPS receiver talking to the Q and with the various navigation software running, especially with the background light on, the battery life suffers more than anything else before by orders of magnitude. Continuous BT connection and constant background lighting uses 100 times more than any email connection. Then again, the nav software may also be going to the Internet to get POI and traffic data so that is adding to the drain. :2cool:
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    Sorry. :embarassed:
    (These smileys are awful, btw).

    NEVER & AS ITEMS ARRIVE are basically the same thing.
    It is NEVER on the Q and AS ITEMS ARRIVE in ActivSynch.
    AFAIK, the only way to get asked the question about connecting and downloading is to reset the Q or Delete your Outlook account and set it up again from the Q.
    Totally agree the BT has a much worse effect then this setting could possibly...
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    Battery Life & Network setting

    What I have experianced is switching in the network settings from Auto to GSM 1800/900 ( GPRS ) doubles your battery life . The compromise is slow internetaccess which should be OK unless you are really surfing large pages with pictures or maps


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