home screen problemo

Discussion in 'Q Home Screens and Wallpapers' started by acd1961, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Oct 26, 2006
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    home screen problemo

    ive copied and pasted the xml file to app data/home. i can use file explorer and verify its on my Q, but when i goto settings/home screen its not there.
    ive tried turning the Q off/on this doesnt change anything.
    any ideas?
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    Oct 10, 2006
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    OK, here's a possible solution. Chances are your Q isn't recognizing your file as a .xml file even if it says it does in your file manager. The other possibility is that there is a programming error in the file. Try this:

    Open explore in activesync.
    open app data/home.
    drop and drag the file to your desktop (it will leave a copy in your Q)
    double click the desktop file and see if it opens up your explorer window without giving you an error message. If you get an error message, you must fix the error before it will take the file on your Q.
    If you had an error - fix it and re-install the file. If no error,

    right click the file on your desktop and click on rename
    rename it Filename.home.xml (be sure YOU enter the .xml)
    drop and drag it back to your home file folder (where it was before)

    if it asks you if you want to overwrite the existine file - I have'nt solved your problem and maybe someone else can help, HOWEVER
    If it takes the file without overwriting the old one, you might be able to find it now. If SO, delete your old file.

    That's all I have - good luck!!

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