Hi all ,need help sending contact lists on Q

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by robin, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Hi all ,need help sending contact lists on Q

    Hi all, am new to forum posts, so do excuse my posting errors... until i learn the jargon and do point me to the right area if i am posting this in the wrong place.!

    Got a Q gsm(WM 6 CE OS 5.2.979) recently and love it a lot, but found my first problem when i tried to send out a contact to a moto v3i and e398 . Just could not send phonebook contact as text messages . It worked OK to nokia and Sony E phones. Has anyone had any problems with other phones ? .... or found a solution ? Its kinda ironic non moto phones can receive from Q but not other motos :laugh2:

    Tested Htc C500 (also gsm) running WM6 ,same problem sending its contact to V3i but ok to Q . There must be a bug somewhere with WM6 or other motos!

    Thanks in advance .

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