Hep me pleeeeaaassseee

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by mc_e_mouse, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. mc_e_mouse

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    Hep me pleeeeaaassseee

    Hi gang,

    just got an ebay MotoQ9c (I know bad already but hear me out:embarassed:),
    and seller said that they can't get it to function i.e. on sale site " The phone has a security code blocking any/all functionality. "

    So, I need to find out how to get this motoq9c to turn on and download some hacksWink, "I am using it as an experimental phone (45 bucks) while using the good stuff for a newer q9c:thumbup:"

    Can ya help me pleaseUnsure?
    And if it is posted somewhere else please accept my appologies right away, because I tried to do a search and was getting nowhere...
  2. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    you need to do a master reset. make sure your charged up good. turn phone off..then hold down the center silver button and the red button at the same time until the master reset verbage shows up with green letters..this could take 30 seconds..say yes..wait a few.
  3. mc_e_mouse

    mc_e_mouse New Member

    Thank you, I will get on it and let you know how I did....

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