Help with using my own misic

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  1. Help with using my own misic

    I have followed all the instructions on how to place the song into my sounds folder on my Q, BUT it is not showing up in my ringtone list. So after reading the forums I probably do not have it in the right format. Well thats where I stop. I have not the silghted idea to do this. Can someone please help me?<_<
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    Only thing I could think of is that the songs might not be in Mp3 format maybe its in amr format (even tho the phone supports all music formats). But try this Start>Windows Media>Menu>Update Library>Done, after that try put whatever you want for your ringtone tell me how it works out:wink:
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    i was puttin a song in my sounds folder for each person or i at least tried .. till it started tellin me it was out of memory n wouldn't let me send text messages the guy at the sprint store didn't know how to use songs as ringtones w/o usin my devices memory n usin the storage card instead .. he said it was possible but didn't know how so is it? i mean it makes no sense to have a full song as a ringtone for a person if it's only gonna play for a few seconds i rather do that jus cut the song which is wat he suggested but im not too sure how to do that :/
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    What I did...

    So here is a link I found that gives the tutorial I used to add ringtones as my ringers.

    I've not set it up so I have a special ringtone for each of my friends, but I was concerned with space, so rather than using the entire mp3, I downloaded Amadeus Pro (and bought a license - and used it to edit down 30 seconds of the mp3s I wanted to use. I then took those mp3 files and saved them to my Q using the info above.

    I wouldn't recommend using the entire mp3, as they take between 3-7 megs per entire song and your phone won't use more tha 30-45 seconds of song before going to voicemail.

    Good luck.
    If I helped, boost my rep! ;-)
  5. Hello, this did not work.

    I did the instructions (exactly), but no go:angry: . I
    get so frustrated with this darn phone. Any other help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Edit your song down so it is 30 seconds or less...

    My guess is that it is too long for your phone.

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