HELP! With Outlook 2007 BCM sync to Q

Discussion in 'Windows PC and Moto Q' started by mortgagesaver01, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. HELP! With Outlook 2007 BCM sync to Q

    I need some serious HELP!! :embarassed:I’m a NOOB:frown: to this forum and YES I did Search…:wink:
    A Little Background:
    I’ve just recently moved to a “Q” From a PPC 6700 and a prior to that the Blackberry 7100I so I am used to using a Smartphone, Pocket PC, PDA etc ..(F.Y.I my “Q” is with Sprint)
    The Problem:
    I’m using Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager as my PIM. I was previously using Goldmine and I have used ACT 6.0 however I’m good with using Outlook BCM ..HOWEVER I’m looking for some help getting it to work on my “Q”…I looked at the 3 Threads that come up when I SEARCH the forum for “Business Contact Manager” and it seems that only one person has listed they have tried to use it and had problems. I did look at “” and that looks nice but that’s almost $120.00 / Year …is there a fix a program that will actually let you sync your BCM contacts into your “Q”??

    OH.. if there is a program to BUY please let me know or if someone has a copy for sale please PM me :2cool:
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    Jun 10, 2007
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    According to Microsoft's site, BCM is only for Office 2003 and not 2007. That could be your problem since you're using Outlook 2007. All you do to sync with your Q and Outlook is plug it into a PC with ActiveSync 4.5 or configure an Exchange server.
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    Outlook 2003

    I have Outlook 2003 and have no problems syncing the information between the Q and Outlook. I also open, Outlook, my Hotmail and my Comcast and things tends to sync easily. It also ask my to keep or delete duplicates.
  4. THe Office Suite I have is 2007 business with the BCM ....

    the problem is not sync the regular contacts it is the additional Business contacts do not sync when you do your regular contacts there is an add on however the problem seems to be that that add on didnt work for others as listed in a previous thread. And I'm trying to find a fix or another program that will allow it
  5. THANKS to everyone that helped out and hooked me up :laugh2:

    I have saved the Add On along with the additional updates I needed that I Downloaded so if ANYONE needs help with this please PM no problem

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    May 1, 2007
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    what was the solution? whats the name of the add on and whered u get the update from?
  7. NO Problem

    First I had to down load dotNETfx.exe

    and After that I kept getting some error that Outlook encountered a problem and had to close and I did try to repair and uninstall outlook but nada THEN I found this fix ....

    Installed (SAVED IT ) and ran it and I'm good to go :smile:

    I'm not sure what or how that .NETFX help or hurt but the Download did the fix and I LOVE IT !!!!!:smile:
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    Aug 22, 2007
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    It appears to me that this is an outlook issue, not a Moto Q or Activesync problem. I have an HTC PPC6800, and I have the same issue. I have found a patch on Microsoft's website that will make it so everything will sync, but...the "business contacts" still do not show up in the contacts list on the phone. You have to go to a separate area in order to access the business contacts. You also can not dial on of the business contacts by name. You have to find that contact in the business manager area, then select them, and then you can call them. This SUCKS!!!!:frown:

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