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Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by Hiram, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Nov 18, 2010
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    When I press the ME tile on my Focus, I get a screen that, at the top says ME and Windows live under it. Under "what's new", there's a tile, and a feature to add a photo to it.

    1- I've tried a number of times, and, after selecting the photo, all I keep getting is a message saying "Can't update picture. We're having a problem updating your picture. Press 'try again' or try later."
    NO LUCK.:(
    2- So, I thought I would try another route. I found out how to upload a photo to WindowsLive SkyDrive. Eventually, under photos, I got a folder that says: "Mobile photos from Windows live". Sometimes the picture I uploaded is there, sometimes not. When it is, I try, but #1 is repeated. When the picture disappears, it says "no pictures yet". :eek:
    3- Finally, I tried uploading some other pics, just to end up with the same results. So I deleted them from SkyDrive and my phone. BUT, now when I go to ME, there are entries that say "Photos on Skydrive", with small thumbnails of the pictures I uploaded and then deleted. Now I'm trying to get them off of that page, since they were all deleted, but no luck, either. So, I can't add a photo to ME, and I have some pictures occupying space, that really don't exist and serve no purpose!!!:mad:

    Can anyone help??? Please!


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