Help me decide which GPS Receiver to get!!

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by Bigworm36, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Phreaker47

    Phreaker47 New Member

    The Holux 236 works with Google Maps, after the registry edits. I actually chose the 236 over the 240 because I was actually worried about losing that thing because it's so small. The 236 is still plenty small.
  2. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    To each his own.... But the 240 is awesome!! I like it cause its soo small.
  3. the aftermath

    the aftermath New Member

    Anyone know of any GPS Software that I can download/buy that has audible instructions? I've got my receiver and have been using Google Maps, but I'd really like voice directions. Thanks.
  4. Phreaker47

    Phreaker47 New Member

    I'd like to find something else also, that lets you load large maps onto the memory card for offline use. Everything I've seen like that so far only has individual sections of cities in separate files and you have to choose which one to load (and you have to BUY each one too. Ripoff.)
  5. tpipher1

    tpipher1 New Member

    I use CoPilot as others have mentioned. I have had NO problems. The voice navigation works great and is loud and clear.
  6. dasilvetz

    dasilvetz New Member

    Is there ANYTHING else? I also have the Holux GPSSlim w/ Google Maps.. and I want audible instructions. I've been searching around and it seems that CoPilot is the ONLY thing out there for us non-touchscreen smartphone users.. please prove me wrong. (I have nothing against CoPilot, but before dropping a buck fifty on software I like to know my options.):angry:
  7. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    ALso try telenav or mapopolis- I know you can get telenav on sprint phones
  8. infoman

    infoman New Member

    CoPilot has voice. Pharos makes good stuff for PocketPC...I don't think that their version for Q's is ready yet. Watch for it soon, I guess.
  9. neoshi

    neoshi New Member

    i use route 66 since it has maps of most of the developed world.
  10. Fox

    Fox New Member

  11. Paulgallaher

    Paulgallaher New Member

    Holux 240

    My Moto q has paired with my Holux 240, but the GPS feature in google maps is not able to tap into it. Are there any addional settings required in the bluetooth manager for data transfer to occur?

  12. Paulgallaher

    Paulgallaher New Member

    Well, after more complete reading of the thread, all is well and works great! Thanks to all the members for sharing their wisdom!
  13. BigOrange

    BigOrange New Member

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  14. Haicom makes some nice little BT GPS, slippers for extended batteries, etc. And are not expensive.
  15. Mapopolis is gone now, check their website for details. :(

    I used it for my Clie with one of the Haicom BT GPS's.
  16. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    I assume you paired it and got the green question mark? Have you tried GPScom.exe yet? Search on this forum how to get and use it.

    Never mind just read your next post.
  17. StuntThug

    StuntThug New Member


    I hope that I dont sound ignorgant. Anway, I downloaded googlempas, and then installed the program you listed, ran it, put it on port one, and saved, Then I rebooted my Q. The part that got me is, how do I turn on BT? What do you mean but start the holus outside? Thanks fof your help.

  18. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    1. Turn on your Bluetooth (BT) signal - you can do it through wireless manger on the Q. (press and hold the home button, then select wireless manager, then turn BT on) Like you have to do when you use a BT headset

    2. Meaning not inside a building. you need a clear view of the sky for the GPS to find satelites
  19. StuntThug

    StuntThug New Member


    Thank you. That makes sense to me. I just got it and trying to figure out how to set up everything. I take it I need to purchase a blue tooth accessory to go with it. What would you recommend that is reasonable so I can look it up on ebay. Do u know w place where I can get a program like yahoo instant messenger, aim, ect...

  20. Stealth

    Stealth New Member

    1st: I would edit your post and take out your email. and just PM people with it. That way you don't get spam.

    I use the Holux GPS Slim 240. I works great... got it from ebay.

    I think you can get all those messangers, but I don't use them, so I couldn't personally tell you. But I just recommend using the search function in this forum for one of them, and something should come up.

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