~help~ Flash Mode?? Phone Wont Turn On....

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by qrasflk4, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. qrasflk4

    qrasflk4 New Member

    ~help~ Flash Mode?? Phone Wont Turn On....

    Hello all,

    I was on my phone last night and it shut off (battery died) so I charged it over night with the USB data cable and when I turned it one this morning I got an error message saying:

    Motorola Flash Mode
    Bootloader Version:
    USB Cable Connected

    I tryed to take out the battery for a few min. and that was no help.
    I also tryed to do a manual reset by holding down the middle (sliver) button, No luck.
    I also try to reinstall the Moto updates, nothing is working..

    Please help!!
  2. scubasteve

    scubasteve New Member

    take it to the store
  3. dishfish

    dishfish New Member

    I'm having this same problem. My phone died, and next time it came on it was in this 'Flash Mode', I remember I had tried to update it earlier, but it hadn't worked but the phone was fine afterwards until it died.

    I figured I could just get a charged battery (the phone won't charge a battery in Flash Mode), and redo the update, but so far that hasn't worked.

    I think I'm past my 30 days, and I don't think I should have to pay for this.
  4. unleashd

    unleashd New Member

    My sprint Q woke up this morning to this screen..

    Motorola Flash Mode
    Bootloader Version:

    Please connect the USB cable

    Doesn't do anything else....:gasp::frown:
  5. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    yea, what scuba advised.. most likely it's dead.
  6. indyx

    indyx New Member

    try taking it back to Sprint. At worst they say you have to send it back to moto under warranty or at best they just swap it out for you. You won't know what they will/won't do for you until you try...
  7. dishfish

    dishfish New Member

    I ended up taking mine back to the store. It was past the 30 days, and I wasnt under insurance, but they ended up just charging me $35 for an out of insurance in store replacement.
  8. sarajcollett

    sarajcollett New Member

    Thank God For This Site!

    I have had more luck with this site than I have with tech support! I LOVE YOU !!!!! THANK YOU!
  9. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    euh, we love you too :}
  10. csnow

    csnow New Member

    phone dies and won't restart

    According to both my provider, Alltel, and Motorola Q support tech, YOU're out of luck. This has happened to me with 3 Q's now, and a similar thread was posted last month giving several methods of getting the Q out of boot loader/flash mode. None of them worked for me. A tech person with Motorola told me today that it is caused by running too many applications, (which I didn't know were running on mine). It crashes like a computer blue screen with too many apps running. Go to task manager and shut down apps. As for your current one, which will not restart, you're in my boat.....get another replacement, as you cannot restart it nor can you retrieve any lost data. Hopefully, you won't go thru 3, like me, now 4!!
  11. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    it comes from running to many programs!?!?
    that seems like a harsh ending for running to many programs...did the tech give you a approximate number of apps that can run at once?
  12. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    sounds like a tech that ran out of BS so he made this up.
  13. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    hahahaha thats what i was thinking..
  14. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    for a few moments i thought you were serious... that was quite a scare :}
  15. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    sorry didnt mean to do that!
  16. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    that's ok... i'm alright. :}

    (ps. my boss asked me why i was laying down though :}
  17. csnow

    csnow New Member

    Boot loader/flash mode phone won't come on

    No, there was no number of programs, it is dependent on how much memory and battery power is required for individual programs running. The Moto Q tech expert told me it is just like any other computer running too many problems, causing it to crash. The phone has crashed and there is no solution. BTW, this morning upon ordering my fourth Q, due to this problem, another Q expert with Alltel told me there is yet no solution to the software problem, claiming it is Windows Mobile 5 glitch, not provider specific.
  18. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    thats very interesting...
    do you remember what programs you had on your Q and what MOL software you had?
  19. csnow

    csnow New Member

    I had no additional programs running, nor any 3rd party software installed at all on my third phone (only had it 2 weeks!). The Moto Q tech support said you should go into your phone's task manager regularly, and remove memory resident programs running that you are not using. I told him I didn't know I had ANY. I use contacts, tasks and calendar only. He responded there may be many running you are not aware of.
  20. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    that seems really odd that its caused by having programs running when its brand new and you didnt install anything yet...kinda fishy...

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