Help . editing for metropcs internet

Discussion in 'HTC Touch Pro' started by ReViZeD, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Help . editing for metropcs internet

    ok i`ve had sprint for years now with the free and clear plan $50 anytime unlimited minutes and $5 for long distance and $5 for 300 text messages per month,i never had web, i thought i was not going to ever my girl living with me has had metropcs for almost a year and i always need to borrow her phone , mine loses signal alot, so i checked the houdinisoft approved device list and the htc pro is there so i checked metro and i can keep my same number, and for $35 i get unlimited talk,text and web. here is the part where i need serious help, i have to set up the web setting myself since it not a "metro phone lol" they cant do it, after days of searching i got CDMA GENERAL to try and get the web set for my girls old motorola Ve3 that she had flashed to metro its just that the fields to input ip`s,web.etc were confusing so i gave up on that a few weeks ago, now she has a blackberry 8330(that metro said could not be use with their company) that someone flashed to metropcs AND he set the web for it as well, i asked him about my phone and he said he only does blackberrys , ahh man i got to do it for my HTc i just wont give up does any know how to get to the input metropcs server.ip.blah.blah screen on the htc , is it a app or a kitchen app or ahhh please help.


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