Hello, I am 16, and I created a Windows Phone Game called Soar.

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    Byte Code Canada announces Soar, a new Windows Phone Game to the marketplace.


    Soar is a WP7 game built around flying space ships, dodging asteroids, and saving humans. It includes achievements, a local store, powerups, and much more. If you are a gamer who enjoys intense space battles, you will enjoy this title for sure.
    • Missions(Mars and Earth)
    • Skins
    • Asteroid Dismemberment
    • Power-Ups
    • Local Store
    • Achievements
    • Day and Night
    • Dynamically*Animated Menus
    • Leaderboards
    • Saves
    • Advanced Particle Engine
    • Fun!

    Soar is available for all 11 Official English Speaking Countries on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Plans for more language support is on the way.Download the Trial, or buy the app for $0.99 USD/CAD:



    Other Info
    Byte Code Canada is really me, just a 16 year old from Toronto, Ontario. I will tell you what I learned to make this game.
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  2. RandomAlec

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    Will definitely check this game out, congratulations on your Windows Phone application!
  3. The Last Byte

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    Soar 1.1 is released!
  4. Rxhns

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    Good work , i will rate your game thats cool , still working . Im working too but in sample apps

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