Hasta La Muerte Windows Phone 7

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    Pohlm Studio, created in 2010, is the result of a passion for video games, shared by 5 young people coming from the French national school of video games (ENJMIN) in Angoulême. - For further information, check our website.

    In Hasta la Muerte
    , the first project of this young company, you are the Death himself and must seize the soul of those who are ready to leave our world. Rest in peace? You have the souls’ salvation in your hands.

    The gameplay of Hasta la muerte explores a well-known genre: chase-be-chased, and completes it with some well-thought innovations, as, for example, the “Soulpets.

    Beware of the Scientist, your biggest Enemy, a sociopath from whom you can’t escape, obsessed with immortality and sordid experiments.

    This XBLA game on Windows Phone 7 is to be released in several weeks.

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    Interesting, I'll have to check this out when it's released.

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