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    guide: ItsUtils

    The ItsUtils suite is a very powerful set of applications for use on most Windows Mobile based devices.

    Since I've already covered (the admittedly complicated) pdocread, I'll cover some of the simpler ones.

    Lets start with PPS.
    PPS will give you detailed information on the processes running on your phone. Want to know what's causing your device to do what it's doing? PPS.

    pdel - remotely delete a file on your device. As far as I know this cannot delete system files.

    pdir - directory listing of your remote device

    pmkdir - create a directory on your device

    pget - use it to copy a file from your device. Cannot copy out ROM-baked files.

    pkill - use it to kill a process on your remote device (used in conjunction with PPC, probably)

    preboot - reboot your device

    pput - copy a file to your device. As far as I know, this cannot overwrite rom-baked files.

    prun - run a program on your remote device. This one is alot of fun. It makes it very easy and quick to try out command strings. Example: "prun filemanager" starts Filemanager.exe on your remote device.

    pdocread - covered in another thread entitled "dumping a q9c rom"

    pdocwrite - apparently will allow you to write back a rom dump. I havent tried it.

    ITsUtils is available here:

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