Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM via SMS?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by pk74, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. pk74

    pk74 New Member

    Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM via SMS?

    Hi! New to the forum, just 'upgraded' from an LG VX8350 to a hand-me-down Moto Q on the VZW network, and have a question about using IM software.

    This is my first smartphone, so bare with me...

    On my old LG, and other older VZW phones, they included an IM application that let me communicate via AIM, Yahoo, and MSN using SMS. Sure it was a bit slow and buggy, but worked, and only counted against my sms usage.

    To activate the Q, I had to select a data plan, at the moment its the $.015 per KB plan - which can be VERY expensive if you actually use it, around $15 per MB! All of the existing mutli-service IM programs I find mentioned here seem to use DATA to connect and send/receive messages. Or am I just reading that wrong? Is there anything available for the Q that just uses SMS so I can avoid having to purchase a proper data plan?

    BTW, I did search, but the forum ignores short keywords such as sms, aim, icq, etc....
  2. sherri

    sherri Active Member

    All the sms applications for the Q use data. The plan for Verizon is $30.00 per month, I believe.
  3. link433

    link433 New Member

    At $0.015 per Kbyte, that would be 1 and half CENTS.

    Math time!

    1.5 CENTS
    1024 (kilobytes per megabyte)

    So, that would be 15.3 CENTS per Megabyte

    $15.66 per Gigabyte.


    Anyway, back to the topic at hand, you can sign up for Yahoo to send/recieve via TXT, as well as AIM. GTalk isn't set up for TXT yet though.
  4. pk74

    pk74 New Member

    Well, I just got my first bill with this data rate plan on it:

    Data Usage Allowance Used Billable Charge
    Kilobyte Usage kilobytes -- 1645 1645 24.68

    Thats 2Mb (they round up, bless em!) for $24.68.

    there is also this in the plan FAQ:
    Pay Per KB
    Connect your mobile PDA or Smartphone to your PC with PDA/Smartphone from Verizon Wireless, providing over-the-air synchronization of e-mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks. $0.015/KB or approx. $15/MB. Wireless Sync not included. Voice and other data services will be billed per your digital calling plan. Service available within the NationalAccess or, with certain devices, the BroadbandAccess service area.
  5. link433

    link433 New Member

    That's verizon math for you... they've been sued many times already.

    Just call them up, and tell them to do the math with you, and they will credit your account.

    If you add up .015 CENTS 1,024 times, you get 1535. Move the decimal place 3 places, 1.535 CENTS.

    You should have been charged 24 CENTS, not 24 DOLLARS
  6. pk74

    pk74 New Member

    Maybe its just me, but i dont see the VZW bad math problem here. Nothing on my contract, descriptions online the current website, etc, say anything about CENTS. I'm familiar with their previous bad math problems.

    .015 Dollars X 1645 = 24.675 Dollars. My new plan has never charged in fractional cents, only fractional dollars.
  7. link433

    link433 New Member

    Some recent news I just found says Verizon has done away with Pay As You Go data plans like your saying you have.

    The smallest data plan you can have is $29.99. There is no more cents/dollars per kilobyte, unless you go over your plan.
  8. pk74

    pk74 New Member

    Hmmm.... I activated a Treo 700wx on my father-in-laws previously fliphone based line last night - and again was able to pick the pay as you go KB plan. Maybe they only force the higher plan on you if you are a brand new customer?

    Anyway - I'm still leary about my sms/mms usage on this plan. The rep swears they are free since I have them unlimited on the nationwide plan - hope they dont use Kb! And I've given up on 'easily' using aim/yahoo messenger for now. Instead I'll just turn on the mobile forwarding for them and let people msg me as needed.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  9. Umar

    Umar New Member

    I think I have a solution for you: ...
    Currently it only works with gtalk but i'm the developer and I plan on adding all the other chat services.
    All it requires is that you keep the page with app (applet) open while you wish to stay on sms.

    It is 100% sms based, no data plan required!
  10. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    Only 3 years late :)
  11. Umar

    Umar New Member

    Well, better late than never ;)
  12. br8grave

    br8grave Guest

    That's right!!;)
  13. pk74

    pk74 New Member

    God bless the Internet. And FWIW, even late replies are appreciated, even tho the MotoQ is now a toy for my 4 year old. :)

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