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Discussion in 'Q Home Screens and Wallpapers' started by Golden Y, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. inscracefan24488805

    inscracefan24488805 New Member

    Regarding Tony Stewart Homescreen

    I think I saw something like what you're wanting on eko's site. The URL is See if that's what you've been looking for. Hope this helps.
  2. Golden Y

    Golden Y New Member

    I'll try getting to those requests once I finish tweaking the LCD plugin for the HTC Diamond screen:


    I could not find a tutorial (in English) at all whatsoever. Finally, downloaded one of Prosper's homescreens to analyze and find out how it works, so big thanks to him/his work on getting me on a path to getting this done. For some reason, mine is stuck to military time.
  3. 2slow2run

    2slow2run New Member

    hey i was wondering if you can slap a iron man theme please :)
  4. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    there are 1 or 2 ironman themes already in the homescreen collection....just in case
  5. nahzekology

    nahzekology New Member

    I like that with the military time. Can I get a copy of that?
  6. jkimrey

    jkimrey New Member

    Lock shortcuts?

    I'm using Golden Y's Spiderman 3 homescreen (excellent!) and was wondering if it is possible to lock the shortcuts on the homescreen to those I wish (set in 'Customize my Q')?

    If not, would it be possible to do this if I purchased Facade? If Facade could handle this, would it be difficult to mod the existing homescreens available here (such as the SM3) to lock the shortcuts?

  7. docmac129

    docmac129 New Member

    Sprint phones & Facade both let u lock your application icons. It isn't hard to modify the xml with facade.
  8. jkimrey

    jkimrey New Member

    When I used the Spiderman 3 home screen, the 'Personalize My Q' option to lock the application icons no longer worked as when I was using one of the default home screens.

    When I open the spiderman 3 home screen with Facade, it places a rectangle up top of the screen showing the number of new emails, msgs, etc. The SM3 home screen should display this information at the bottom of the screen...

    Any suggestions?


  9. docmac129

    docmac129 New Member

    U will have to edit the xml with notepad, & move the launcher plugin to the bottom if that is where u want it. if u need help doing this, just let us know.
  10. kfarr73

    kfarr73 New Member


    [​IMG][​IMG]hey man love your work. and if your not too busy i would love it if you could make the san diego state logo. It would be much appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  11. spork27

    spork27 Member

  12. Golden Y

    Golden Y New Member

    Thanks for the tip. Will check it out when I get home. :)

  13. Prosper

    Prosper New Member

    I think I can save you some time here :)

    The LCD plugin works with an on, an off and a mask image (as you already figured out I guess).
    The actual definitions are made within the *.ini file (name defined in homescreen xml).
    It defines which colored parts of the mask file to display when a specific time occurs. 0-23 under [HORLOGE_PATTERN] are the hours, 26-85 are the minutes.
    The definitions are made using the HEX code of the colors (see mask).
    If you want to have 12-hour-format, you simply copy the HEX codes of 0-11 into the 12-23 definitions. The 26-85 patterns stay the same, as the minutes are the same in both 24- and 12-hour-format.
  14. Golden Y

    Golden Y New Member

    Thanks, Prosper. I figured out the image formats, etc. I had an idea that those numbers were for the time but couldn't figure out the sequence and how they worked until you explained it. Is the LCDPlugin SDK tool buggy? It somewhat helps out but I cannot get it to go past 10 minutes when editing the INI file in there. It's just weird. Now, there is an HTC Touch Homescreen that someone made (a really well made one) and it has AM / PM. Probably asking too many questions now that you've posted, but will the LCDPlugin detect automatically AM/ PM once I change it? And one final question, is it true that the alarm feature is within the LCDPlugin or does it go based off of the alarm within Windows Mobile? Read that it goes off of the plugin but I can't see where it is located.

  15. Golden Y

    Golden Y New Member

    Okay! I think I've figured out the AM/PM thing. Let's see if it works and I'll keep you guys updated. :laugh2:

    It just clicked.


    Still testing it to make sure it works and once done, will upload. :)
  16. JennieBettie

    JennieBettie New Member

    I've been lurking around here and there, and really like your home screens. Home screens have actually become somewhat of an addiction as I like how the screen is set up so much better than the factory settings.

    I just wanted to say thank you here :)
  17. Golden Y

    Golden Y New Member

    You're very welcomed.

    Here's the release of the GYP HTC Diamond with the LCD Plugin:


    GYP HTC Diamond wLCD

    Arial font (included)
    Eko's Black Soft Keys

    Additional Notes:
    2 versions are included (standard MRU & Facade Launcher)

    Thanks to Prosper and Rope for using the LCDPlugin in their homescreens which allowed me to study them for this homescreen. Credit given in XML file as well. :)
  18. RB the spammer is here and in the voice dialing thread as well.
  19. tk15

    tk15 New Member

    Greetings...Did you ever get a chance to do a Fenway park HS? If not any plans to?...Thanks
  20. Zinja

    Zinja New Member

    resco to the rescue

    Damn right Resco works! Yeehaw!!!! - see CAB file! (from phone)
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