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    Hello all,

    I have quite a few questions regarding the functionality of windows phone. I'm a long time windows mobile user and there are a few features that I have grown accustomed to. With that being said - I'm trying to see if Android is worth jumping the ship for and see if it has the same or similar functionality that I've grown used to having.

    So.... here are the questions (and the questions I listed below are based upon functionality that I can do now with my WM 6.5 phone):

    1) Is there the ability to take/make a note while on a phone call?

    2) Can I record phone calls?

    3) If I receive a meeting notice/invite via e-mail - will I be able to add that notice/invite to my calendar? (i.e. I'm checking my work e-mail and there's a meeting notice that I need to add to my calendar, will I be able to add that meeting to my phone or do I have to sync my phone with my computer in order to do that?)

    3) If there's a phone number in an e-mail, will I be able to call that number directly from within the e-mail? (by way of tapping on the number and the phone application is initiated with the number already pasted and waiting for the user to hit call)

    4) speaking of information management - if I dial a number from within an e-mail, will I be able to view the contents of the e-mail within the phone application while on a call? (this is a function that can be done in windows mobile 6.5.x...)

    5) Can I send an MMS message without having to attach a file? (meaning - I have a LONG text message I need to compose - but due to the character restriction of messages - the message will be split up and count as either 2 or 3 messages. So as a way around that - I compose an MMS message with all of the text and the message gets counted as one message)

    (Now granted - I don't know how much of this is native windows mobile 6.5x functionality or how much was apart of HTC's customization ... I know that the MMS software was Arcsoft - so I don't know if there's a similar MMS composer for WP7 or how well the native MMS composition works...)

    6) is there a screen capturing application available?

    7) How hard/easy is it to 'hack'/tinker with WP7 (i.e. editing the registry, customizing the UI, themes, etc.)

    Lastly - [​IMG] how much of a learning curve is there for someone who's coming from a totally different platform (in this case Windows Mobile 6.5.x) to get acclimated to WP7? I'm considering getting the Dell Venue Pro (for at&t)...

    Thank you all for your input, suggestions, comments, etc. I do appreciate it!

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