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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wammbo, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. TarHeelsRule!

    TarHeelsRule! New Member

    is that the recipe where you mix them with cream cheese and then dip them in chocolate. i saw that recipe at and have been salivating ever since.

    I am pulling up a chair and waiting for a taste of those deep fried oreos. I have some fat free milk to add to the beverages. trying to eat healthier.
  2. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    How do you make them? I am afraid to google it.
  3. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    Now I know! Good to see you woman!
  4. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    LOL isnt the State Fair in Texas famous for the fried stuff. Chicken fried bacon eh lol did you try it?
  5. TarHeelsRule!

    TarHeelsRule! New Member

    hey lady, long time no hear from!

    i found another dessert recipe at krafts food that I am going to make for Thanksgiving. I have been a cooking machine lately.

    Even to this southern gal chicken fried bacon is not appetizing at all.
  6. bub710

    bub710 Member

    yes it is. they are great
  7. TarHeelsRule!

    TarHeelsRule! New Member

    i am going to have to break down and make them and take them to work so i won't be tempted to eat them all.
  8. 1oddmanout

    1oddmanout Member

    Welcome to the "family"; you're a part of a great group that enjoys a great mobile device. You'll find that the members have a lot of tips to get the most out of the Q, and have fun at the same time.

    Brave, calling Cheri old. :gasp: :tounge:
  9. Boycan

    Boycan New Member

    I didn't try it but my daughter did and she said the bacon was to die for :-/ But she's a nurse so what does she know :)
  10. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    Well they do say "anything" in moderation I guess that includes chicken friend bacon lol.

    My daughter and I joke about all the kinds of friend foods you can put on a stick. I don't know how it started but now we will have to add chicken fried bacon to our list. :)
  11. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    lol its no secret I have been called worse..even here at EQ I dare you to search something that rhymes with spank. :-D
  12. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    the nerve of some people :}
  13. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    Yes I know! very few can get away with such. :)
  14. craiggiarc

    craiggiarc Active Member

    You don't like crumpets! Yo obviously haven't eaten a hot crumpet smothered in butter on a cold autumnal morning with a hot cup of tea.

    Unfortunately that is one this that can't be easily found now that I'm in Oklahoma! :laugh2:

    Small price to pay though.
  15. cindra

    cindra Active Member

    Okay I'm way late to the party, had to W.O.R.K. late.

    Deep fried? We deep fry cheeseburgers here!

    Rhymes with spank? If rb said it, it's a compliment!

    Kool-Aid? Got some, but I'm bringing beer.

    Crumpets? Scones? Will some Cheetos do?

  16. Boycan

    Boycan New Member

    Mmmmmmm Cheetoooooos!
  17. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift New Member

    *arrives late to the party carrying piniata in one arm and Kogama in the other :laugh2:*
  18. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    better tell which one is wich before we beat the candy out of wrong one :)
  19. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift New Member

    lmao ill leave that up to the masses to decide
  20. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    guess now we know what some of the entertaiment will be...*finds a big stick*

    and yes, I plan on dressing accordingly. Winter is not very flattering....

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