Garmin Mobile XT and Q9c

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9c' started by mtbron, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. mtbron

    mtbron New Member

    Garmin Mobile XT and Q9c

    I need help! Has anyone gotten Garmin's Mobile XT to work on their Q0c?
  2. dangtong

    dangtong New Member

    I couln't get Mobile XT to work with the built-in GPS. I tried "Intermediate driver" and all com ports, Mobile XT couldn't find built-in GPS . But it works with my external Bluetooth GPS perfectly.
  3. mtbron

    mtbron New Member

    I am able to get it to work also with a bluetooth GPS, but the reason I got the q9c was to be able to use it without having to carry around another device. It seems like there should be a tweak somewhere to make it work.
  4. lickwid

    lickwid New Member

    I've somehow gotten it to work. I still have to investigate on how exactly I got it to work, but I think it should just work right out of the box. There are some threads over at Modaco regarding using Garmin with the BlackJack II and the Q9H. I followed those methods without much luck.

    There is an option for choosing Intermediate Driver within Garmin. The way I was able to get the GPS to initialize correctly was by somehow kickstarting the GPS with Google Maps ("Use GPS" option), then going into Garmin and waiting for it to initialize. Once it initialized, it took about 3-4 minutes for the satellites to be found.

    Note, I already had the Maps and a valid code from my Nuvi on a DVD. But you still have to use a keygen for the device ID.

    I'll try to figure out what I exactly did and report back.
  5. dangtong

    dangtong New Member

    Thanks lickwid. Please keep us posted with what you found.
  6. lickwid

    lickwid New Member

    These are the basic steps that you can try to get it working...

    1. Unlock the Q9C phone to install all applications.

    2. Then install Garmin GPS 10 Software:

    4. Then install Garmin GPS 20 Sottware:

    5. Get the Device ID within the About screen in Garmin.

    6. Installed the Maps from my official Garmin DVD.

    7. Transfer a few states over from my PC to my storage card.

    8. Using the Keygen 1.3, I create the two needed files, SW.UNL and GMAPSUPP.UNL and place it in the folder \Storage Card\Garmin, and also delete the Base Map.

    9. Now that everything is installed, run Google Maps and choose "Use GPS" to initialize the GPS.

    10. Going into Garmin settings and make sure you choose "Intermediate Driver" as your GPS. Then go to View Maps, and hopefully it'll say "Searching for Satellites." If it says "Searching for GPS Device", then you're not initializing the GPS correctly.

    But like I said, I'll have to investigate some more to find out exactly how to get it working. I'll re-install everything fresh and see if I can't get it working again. Might be a few days before I have a chance to do that though.
  7. dangtong

    dangtong New Member

    Thanks. I'll give this a try tonight or tomorrow. and will post the result here. Thanks again.
  8. dangtong

    dangtong New Member

    I still couldn't get Garmin XT to work with the internal GPS.

    I tried reinstalling the Garmin XT, kick started GPS with Google map and checked to make sure Garmin XT is using "Intermediate driver" but still couldn't get it to acquire the signal and data from the satellite. Keep getting "Searching for Sattellite" in the view map mode.

    I also tried GPSID Settings and playing around with changing the port, but still haven't had any luck to get internal GPS to work with Garmin XT. Windows Live Search and google map are working fine with internal GPS.
  9. lickwid

    lickwid New Member

    I have yet to get it working again after that initial time. I have messed with my settings though, and was out of town all weekend, but will try messing it when I get a chance. I'll be pretty busy the next couple of weeks so might not get to it anytime soon. But it definitely works. Just gotta figure out a foolproof way of activating it. Make sure you're outside to pick up the GPS satellites.
  10. lickwid

    lickwid New Member

    Just a quick update. I have yet to do a full master reset to figure out how I got it working originally. But last night I left my phone charging by a window, I opened up Google Maps, then opened up Garmin Mobile XT. Woke up, and the satellites were locked on full bars even as I walked through my house. Tested a route to work on the bus and all was working great. Exited the program at work, and can no longer find the satellites. Not sure if it's because I'm inside, or if because it just takes a really long time to lock onto satellites.

    I'd recommend letting it stay on "Searching for Satellites" overnight by a window or something and see if it locks on. I'll test it again when I get outside and possibly it will lock onto the satellites a lot quicker after the initial time. Especially now that it knows my last known location.
  11. lickwid

    lickwid New Member

    I finally got it working consistently. Basically do exactly what I did above, but on top of that, you'll have to install the Modaco GPS Activator Com4. I tried Com3, and the other variations, but Com4 seems to work the best. Then download GPS Test. Run GPS Test each time first to kickstart the internal GPS, then once GPS Test locks onto some satellites, open Garmin and you should be good to do.

    Garmin is great because you get prompts to turn. I'm loving it.
  12. jhoff80

    jhoff80 New Member

    I assume everyone here is running the latest?

    Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile Ver. 4.20.20w as of Feb 26, 2008

    I hope that there's an easier way to get this to work. I have Garmin Mobile already running on my Palm Treo 755p and I'm definitely considering a switch but this is one of the apps that would have to work.
  13. jinro

    jinro New Member

    Hello Lickwid, r u sure the com4 works w/ Q9c? I installed it as well and couldn't get the Garmin XT to work. Also I read that the COM4 port was for the BJII and not the Q9c as the Q9c uses COM 1 and COM 3 ports. I get stuck on searching for satellites. Would u be so kind as to post the exact steps taken to have this application work on the Q9c. Thank you.
  14. Boe

    Boe New Member

    I have did all of the above except unlock to install the software. Is there a difference when you unlock the device before installing vs just installing it?

    I went in to Google maps, selected the use gps, it then showed I had (7-8) active satellites, then I went into Garmin Mobile, selected immediate driver, then selected view maps and it came up "searching for satellites but never found any. Any ideas?

    I was also wondering if I could get the GPS to work with Street Atlas 2008.
  15. pumpkinwhite

    pumpkinwhite New Member

    works like a charm

    I went through all of the steps lickwid mentioned, and it works!! Thanks lickwid. Garmin XT works perfectly on moto 9c :). It just takes 5 seconds for GPSTest to start the internal GPS, and you are ready to start using the garmin software. No delay or 'searching for satellite' message.

    I too tried com3 and com4 versions of the modaco gps activator. com3 didn't work. com4 works instantly. I had to manually assign com4 port to GPS in Garmin XT and also in GPStest. GPStest could not detect the gps in automatic scanning. Once I manually configured it to com4, gpstest started working instantly. com4 port now also works for other gps softwares like google maps and windows live app (though they still work with the old settings too).

    @Boe - you missed the latter posts by lickwid. you have to install Modaco GPS Activator (Com4 version) (you'll easily get it on modaco forums. just do a search. Also, download 'Chartcross GPS Test'. Its a free software (available at various sites like softpedia and handango). Install these softwares, and restart. Manually assign com4 port to gps in the concerned applications. And you are ready to go. Just start GPS test before starting garmin xt.

    Note - Starting Google maps instead of starting gps test also works for starting up the gps, but google maps quits after some time when its idle in the background. And so if for some reason the gps stops (i think is happens when you get a call), you have to go back and start google maps again to startup the GPS chip. Thus, i prefer GPS test as i can leave it on in the background while using garmin xt without worrying about restarting anything.
  16. Angelo921

    Angelo921 New Member

    What is the cost of Garmin XT for the Q9c? Is it a monthly fee or one time charge?
  17. JMak

    JMak New Member

    Yeah, what does this cost? I had previously posted a thread re: whether it was possible to make GMaps look like the Garmin or TomTom displays. Those new ATT commercials show smartphone with a Garmin-like GPS display.

    I just don't want to pay much for it.
  18. web1b

    web1b New Member

    That still sounds like alot of hassle especially if it drops your satellite connection if you need to answer a call. Wouldn't it be better to just buy a cheap portable gps for $199?
    Seems like they get stronger GPS signals than you get from the Q9c also.
  19. MisterTedster

    MisterTedster New Member

    So I discovered a different way of getting Garmin Mobile xt to work, and not only that, but to also avoid the battery drainage issues associated with using the COM4 activator. I take no credit for this as someone else discovered it, but I figured out that it was possible to use with garmin mobile xt. Not only that, but you can also set googlemaps and WLS to use the COM1 port and it works quite well, or you can use intermediate driver if you'd like. So make these changes to the registry and of course you need something to activate the GPS such as googlemaps or GPSTest.

    [HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Multiplexer\]
    String name="DriverInterface"
    String value="COM1:"

    [HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Multiplexer\ActiveDevice\]
    String name="DriverInterface"
    String value="COM1:"
    DWord name="Index"
    DWord value="1"
    String name="Prefix"
    String value="COM"
    (if you change the COM port #, I think you have to change the index to match: ie, com3 and index 3)

    [HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Drivers\GenericGPSDriver\]
    String name="CommPort"
    String value="GDD0:"
    (I believe this is the internal GPS port; I think this is the default setting...just making sure that it still is. you can check to make sure the internal GPS/intermediate GPS driver are working by using WLS or GMM and selecting intermediate driver and seeing if you can get a fix)

    Use GMM or WLS and try COM1 in the settings to see if you can still get GPS signal and location...

    These programs I was able to get to see GPS on COM1:
    Garmin Mobile xt
    Google Mobile Maps (
    Windows Live Search (2.5.2859.37360)
    gpsVP (0.3.7)
    trackr! (0.9.10)
    Sprint Navigation (1.0.13)(prolly uses intermediate GPS driver; worked before these edits and there are no settings in the program for GPS port...)

    These programs I was NOT able to get to see GPS on COM1:
    Efficasoft GPS Utilities (v2.0)
    Nav4All (8.0.62)
    Reperion (SF1.50)
    Virtual Earth Mobile (1.71)
  20. bubi73

    bubi73 New Member

    Anybody try this yet? I currently can't do it, but would really like to know if it's possible.

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