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    Special "word search" game. You don't have a board, just letters. You can use them as you want. So here are no fix stages, you won't play the same game twice.
    In the full game you can set the number of letters, start time (even infinite), and select a language.
    In trial mode you don't have the option to change time and the number of letters.
    You can also play in two modes:
    Simple, where the time starts, and you have to find as many words as you can before it reaches 0.
    Challenge, where time always starts from 60 seconds, but you gain +10sec for each good word.
    Top list is offline, so you can update your own word list after each game! The selected word from the Bad words list can be added, and the one from the All words list can be removed!

    Supported languages:
    English, Hungarian, French, Swedish, German
    Menu is always English.

    Hope you'll enjoy it!

    Link: Word Mixer
    Web: Organic Adapter (you can find images here)

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