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Discussion in 'Windows Phone Apps and Games' started by razorlocker, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Me and my friend made a simple Reaction-time testing game for Windows Phone.
    Idea in the game is just touch the buttons in the same order as they show up.
    There are 3 different speed levels and you can also submit your score to Online.

    I would really appreciate if you guys could try this and post here some feedback

    You can find it from Microsoft Marketplace with name: Speed Tester, with grey icon "ST"

    Thanks to all participators!!
  2. razorlocker

    razorlocker New Member

    Hi again everyone

    We have now also Free version on this reaction game, which you can find from the Microsoft Marketplace by name: SpeedTester Free, so go check that out and tell here did u liked it!

    also If you are interested in participating into SpeedTester Beta, send your LiveID address to my email nowaxia(at)hotmail.com, then add you to betatesters list and send you the download link.
    Thanks for all the downloaders,
    Darda software
  3. razorlocker

    razorlocker New Member

    Now we have released Free version globally and there are lot's of great updates in the game:

    - you can share results to your friends
    - you can view highscores in the game
    - lots of new animations and UI improvements

    you can find the free version from the Microsoft Marketplace by name: SpeedTester Free

    Darda Software

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