[GAME][FREE] Rage on Wheels - Motorcycle combat racing.

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    Rage on Wheels is my new game on Windows Phone.
    It is an old school motorcycle combat racing game with 3D graphics.

    Works on WP7 and WP8.
    Free and ad-free versions are available!
    Here is the marketplace description and some pics.
    Please give it a try and let me know what you think.


    Rage on Wheels is a new motorcycle combat racing game!

    Vibrant 3D graphics, several game modes, and tons of unlockables.
    Social features like scoreboards and async multiplayer!
    Dynamic physics, including physics based bikes and behavior based ragdolls, allow for spectacular crashes and wipeouts.
    Grab power ups to gain an advantage!

    Race on several stylized tracks based on actual locations.

    Inspired by old school vehicular combat games.
    Controls are simple but gameplay can get intense, especially on higher difficulty levels!





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