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    One Piece 2015 is designed by classic style, more attractive and simple way to play.

    ★ Free now and forever, no SMS!
    ★ 121 pretty characters, you will like much.
    ★ 21 challenging levels, you will try very hard to overcome.
    ★ Each level you win, you will be rewarded some bonus including:
    -Refresh level: randomly assigned characters, help you increase your chances of finding the right shape.
    -Hint/suggestions: help you find two same characters.
    -Increase time: remaining time will be increased by 10 seconds.
    -Bomb bomb: randomly explode at anywhere.
    ★ Recorded your score to ranking board, you can see and compare with other players by daily, monthly and overall board.

    ★ Find 2 cards with the same kind that can be connected in 3 or less than 3 lines to remove them out of board.
    ★ Remove all cards in time to clear level.
    ★ If there's no move, game will re-arrange cards automatically.

    ★★ This game have advertising content, please forgive us if it annoys you.

    Link Download: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=7d988cef-1756-4eff-9921-563ebc656440

    QRCode: [​IMG]

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