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    It is Easy to Save the World, Just Try to Save Your Fingers!
    There are some games which preoccupy your attention completely. They are interesting, colorful and have an excellent scenario. But it will be even more interesting to play them if the program contributes to development of some personal qualities. Just the thing we are describing is the game Save Your Fingers. Taking part in it you will not only strive for records but you will be able to improve your response time, which will help you not only in virtual life but in your real existence.

    In the renewed version of Save Your Fingers several dangerous instruments have been added. Now your finger might be cut off with a buzz saw or guillotine, nailed with a hammer or other instrument; you will be threatened with nails, knives and other piercing and cutting instruments. On the whole the set of instruments has been extended significantly.

    But the most important innovation is the possibility to play using two fingers! It is easy to take away one finger; it is much more difficult using several fingers at once. You cannot set the records quickly; you have to be more concentrated on the object and your coordination and time of response will be trained as never before! It is both exciting and useful to play now!

    If you want, it is possible to challenge your friend to a fight. You will easily make clear who is the fastest and most coordinated. The jolly fun helps not only kill time but relieves the tension and brightens up even the most boring and commonplace evening. Download the game Finger Grinder and a new reason for merriment will appear in your life.

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