fyi mysterious alarm issue

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by eatSleepLaxSoccer3, Aug 25, 2009.

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    fyi mysterious alarm issue

    Hi. i have been having an issue with my alarm recently where it would go off at 9am every morning even though no alarm was set
    i was about to post here to see if anyone had the same problem but i tried a registry search first
    i found a set of alarms in H_L_M/softare/microsoft/clock
    there are 3 options, 0,1,2 (i guess meaning that technically there can be three alarms set at one time
    when i opened 0, i found three keys set, im sorry i forget their names but i performed a registry backup then deleted them, assuming they were the remnants of a previous alarm i set not being properly deleted
    unfortunately i cant tell if it works until 9am tomorrow, but to be sure, i set a new alarm and then checked that same registry and three new values were there, 1 with a different alarm time, so i think i found the right spot
    hope this helps if anyone has the same issue

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