FYI: ERI Alert

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    FYI: ERI Alert

    I'm not sure if this setting is available to all Q phones, or if it's truly just for those on the Verizon network. Perhaps, similar, but customized for your mobile network? In any case, here's where it's located:

    Start > Settings > G More... > G More... > C Phone Settings > B Alerts > ERI Alert: ON | OFF

    Per Verizon, here's their definition & its purpose:

    "ERI stands for Enhanced Roaming Indicator. We have developed this
    handset feature to indicate to a our customer's whether or not he or she is
    on a Verizon Wireless system, roaming on one of our partner networks
    (Extended), or roaming off Verizon Wireless┬┤ Network."

    Whenever you're jumping in & out of range of your home network, in my case, Verizon's, an audible alert will sound in the form of a female voice, "Verizon Wireless".

    I decided to post this info for those of you that are trying to troubleshoot where some of those unexplained alerts might be coming from, and want to disable them. I Googled it and saw it mentioned a few times but, at the time, no one seemed to know what it did, only that it would alert you under certain conditions.

    Hope this helps!:biggrin:
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    Holy crap, thanks a million. That was really starting to piss me off...
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    welcome aboard (both)... and great first post !


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