Free WP7 Birthday Reminder App that syncs up with your Facebook account

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Apps and Games' started by Viktar Kviko, Jul 26, 2011.


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  1. Viktar Kviko

    Viktar Kviko New Member

    Hi guys!

    Check a new application developed by Coding Staff Inc. It is called "Reminder App" and it’s free.

    It integrates with Facebook and makes sure you will never forget about your friend’s birthdays.

    If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. – please don’t hesitate to post it here!

    Thank you!
  2. Viktar Kviko

    Viktar Kviko New Member

    Your feedback is appreciated! ;)
  3. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Thanks for reminding me. I need to reinstal this, because of a hard reset I did trying to install Mango.

    Loved the app. I'm not sure if you've updated recently, but I was having problems posting on my friends wall from your app.
  4. Viktar Kviko

    Viktar Kviko New Member

    Hi ninjaap!

    What problems?
  5. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    My birthday greetings doesn't show up on my friend's wall if I try to post through your app.
  6. Aximtreo

    Aximtreo Member

    I downloaded the app, installed and gave permission to sync with Facebook. After one hour of synching with the dots scrolling across the screen; the program said it was ready. There were no birthdays listed and I know of three of my friends with birthdays this week. I uninstalled the program.
  7. jaysonben

    jaysonben Member

    I am having the same issue. It looks like the app posts the comment to facebook, but it never shows up.

    I like this app otherwise though. ;)

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