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    Pulpi Rescue is an addictive puzzle game created by Loon Apps as an exclusive for Windows Phone (7, 8, 8.1). Previous game by Loon Apps are Covy Rush and Link. Pulpi Rescue has a simple gameplay, but challenging to masterize.

    In Pulpi Rescue, you must save Pulpi (a tiny octopus) of fish invasion. To do that, tap the fish to kill them. Use powerups to help you. Pulpi rescue has two game modes. The fisrt is Short Missions. In this game mode, you must perform missions such as "kill 50 fishes", or "survive one minute." as a training for the second game mode: Championship. In this mode, you must survive as as long as possible and try to make the best score.

    Pulpi Rescue is a free game.

    Download Pulpi Rescue for Free from the Windows Phone Store, flash the code bellow :


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