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    Tunnel Run is a very addictive 3D game. You can play it for hours!
    You control a spaceship that is inside a tunnel and your objective is acquiring as much points as you can without hitting any rock. Do you think you can handle it? Give it a try...

    Main features:
    - 3D game
    - The tunnel is generated dynamically so it's different every time you play
    - Diferent scenarios available
    - You control the spaceship by using the accelerometer
    - The more you play the more difficult it gets
    Changes for update v1.1
    - Now you can adjust the accelerometer sensitivity
    - Bug that caused spaceship to disappear is fixed!

    To check for news about the game you can follow the facebook official page!
    You can find the game following the marketplace link in here...
    Download it, play it and review it...

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