[FREE GAME] SPACE RIDER (with OpenX Live Leader-board support)

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  1. Pri Machine

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    Hi everyone,

    I am very happy to share with you my first game on WP7.

    SPACE RIDER with OpenX LIVE support

    Market Place Link : http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=bb83a0e9-a369-4b32-8d6f-bcc5bb5ee381

    Tired of slow paced games, try out Space Rider!
    You can’t afford to lose your sight or you will be scattered into the void space… Dodge other spaceships as your ship starts to go faster and faster. Grab power-ups to help you out and survive longer. Compete against others and see how you rank worldwide, can you be the King of Leaderboard?
    ►► Simplest ever Controls ◄◄
    Use Accelerometer to move your spaceship Left or Right. Collect power ups & use them to survive longer.

    ►► Awesome Graphics & Music ◄◄

    It will fun ride for you. Stunning graphics, get the feel of space which never seen before & to add to it Nice music to enrich your experience.
    Simplest ever gameplay, exciting power-ups and chance to be a Leaderboard King & earn your place on game website.

    ►► 2 Power ups ◄◄
    ENERGY SHIELD : Collect energy shield which survive you from one hit like an extra life.

    MISSILE LAUNCHER : Collect as many possible missile launcher & blast away other spaceships.

    This is my first ever WP7 game, help me improve this Game. Your feedback is important for me.
    Feel free to mail me at : feedback.primachine@gmail.com

    OpenX Live Game Page Link : http://game.openxlive.net/page/SpaceRider

    Video Link :

    Survive until you can...
  2. Pri Machine

    Pri Machine New Member

    are you finding it too difficult to survive? share your thoughts...
  3. Pri Machine

    Pri Machine New Member

    v.2.2 available....
    v 2.2 Updates: • Fixed screen timeout issue • More steady game progression • Minor bugs fixed
    enjoy!!!! :)
  4. Pri Machine

    Pri Machine New Member

    crossed 5000 downloads... Thanks for your support!!! [​IMG]
  5. Pri Machine

    Pri Machine New Member

    Space Rider v3.1
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. This is new year gift for Space Rider Fans. v3.1


    • Added touch control for Space-ship Movements - now you can play while sleeping
    • 5 new colorful Tracks
    • 4 new Enemy Ships
    • Smoother Game Progression

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