[FREE] FLY OR DIE ! a great flappy alternative

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    Help Piou (a tiny pink bird) to fly as far as you can and to do the best score. Avoid enemies and collect some fruits to unlock new worlds ! You can play to 4 worlds for Free. Each of the 4 worlds of the game comes with a new and harder ennemi.

    FLY OR DIE ! is a FULLY FREE. It is available on Windows Phone and Windows.
    - Download FLY OR DIE for Windows Phone.
    - Donwload FLY OR DIE for Windows.

    A start of the game, Piou take place in a red cannon that propels him in to the sky. Then, you have to make it fly in tapping on screen. Try to done a score of 100% to all worlds of the game, it's a real challenge.

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