Free Customizations for your Smart Phone

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    Free Customizations for your Smart Phone



    So I have a MotoQ. I love it I hate it. It doesn't even have a GPS or wm6.

    So what I did was write a bunch if Mortscript apps to "spruce" my MotoQ up.

    The larger app is StatusTicker. This will show a variety of status details on your home screen as well as the incoming and outgoing phone dialer screens.

    StatusTicker Features:
    - Lotsa new bits of info on what was your phone's static network carrier name. Now you get system messages and stuff you need to know right there where you can see them at a glance.

    - Not only does it display on the home screen panel, but also tickers on your incoming and outgoing calls. I know, sweet.

    - It only works when you want it to. If you can't see the info the ticker sleeps.

    - Low battery warning and ticker hibernates.

    - Now playing track info from windows mediaplayer.

    - Works on PPC as well as SMartphone.

    - Works on Windows mobile 5 and 6! Take that Titanium.

    - New Missed call alerts. You can set the frequency in the ini. This is the spot for other important alerts to get in the short line.

    - Seperate ini file for your settings

    - Application Program Update reporting

    Ticker Styles:
    - Appear, Step-In, Tape, Pop, Flash

    - Live stock market info ticker
    - NFL/Sports scores.
    - Full Moon Phases
    - Local Weather Forecast
    - rklocation
    - GPS location
    - Website Monitor.
    - Temp folder watcher
    - Wireless Amber Alerts (
    - I'm Batman
    - Lost Phone locator

    External App Support:
    - Dashwire monitoring
    - PocketMax PhoneAlarm
    - Ilium Newsbreak
    - Modaco Cameraware.
    - Modaco AppTodate, as well as install stub support.
    - WakefieldSoft AutoFilePus
    - Yomo media's RSS reader
    - Nitrogen; Paused, Artist name, Track elapsed....
    - Klaxon (Are people still using it?)
    - mcc MobileFinder
    - Codybear's "The True ActiveSync Fix".
    - oblyvaeon Random Ringtones as well as my updated version posted below.
    - clearTemp
    - Keith's weathPaper
    - Microsoft Voice Command as a Speech Synthesizer (Lot's more features comin...)


    and weathPaper - This app will check the weather and put a corresponding weather picture as your background.

    and backGrounder - Change the startup screens. Next update changes phone dialer too. Maybe another big trick too... (a surprise for Thanksgiving)

    and Random Ringtones 1.3 - Randomize the ringtones as well as the SMS and Email tones.

    All these apps should work on all MotoQ / Snap / Smartphone / PPC.

    Let me know if you have any requests cause I am actively updating these apps.
    The other 2 apps I can't upload here cause they r too big.

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