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    A casual strategy game with an addictive aftertaste. Available in Windows Phone Store with AppID

    Rejoice! Conquer and Trade on the Moon has just become available also as a free version for you to enjoy.
    All functionality of the paid version is included, as well as some exciting ads. Take up the challenge of mastering
    this epic strategy game, and let your name shine amongst the top 100 players in the world!

    If you prefer to have your game without ads, grab the ad-free version with AppID


    Conquer and Trade is a turn based strategy game for up to four human and/or AI players. It is a modern variation of a classic game from the mid 70's called Star Traders, first published in a book called The People's Book of Computer Games. In the game you will explore and conquer land, establish companies to exploit the resources of the claimed areas, and trade on the stock of these companies.

    In this Moon-based edition, you'll be competing over the ownership of companies that exploit the hidden riches under the lunar surface: water ice, mineral deposits, and (as it is bound to happen) mysterious alien technology! Game ends when new companies can no longer be founded and only one company remains.

    Features of the game include:
    · play with friends and/or AI opponents on one device offline, or invite also online players to a match
    · world map displaying the location of all online players who allow themselves to be located
    · four individual AI players, each with unique playing style and skill level
    · global score boards, complete with achievements
    · chat in the Lobby, with the connected players or with your favorite AI
    · free version of the game has all of these features, plus ads! :)

    Conquering and trading: seize unexplored territory on the Moon, and found companies to profit from the hidden resources under the lunar surface. Be the financial mastermind on the lunar stock market!

    Relaxation on a Moon base, giving your team a chance to rest & recover.

    Score boards are available both locally and online.

    Play with AI or people locally on your phone, or go online and compete with players around the globe.

    Chat with connected players, or with one of the in-game AI personalities.

    And if you don't feel like playing, just chill and enjoy the views on the realistically modeled lunar orbit.

    Have fun!

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