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    Currently #19 New & Rising App in U.S. Store.

    This is an easy-to-use yet highly functional app that helps you manage your loans and debts. The app is actively being developed. If you have a feature suggestion or bug report please contact me at store.support@outlook.com. I answer all the emails I receive.

    v1.0 features:
    - Manage loans in the form of both money and items.
    - Color-code each type of transaction: loan, debt and payment.
    - Quickly create a pay-back transaction for any loan or debt.
    - Create password to protect information.
    - Backup and restore data using Skydrive.
    - Fast switch between two views on the summary screen: one emphasizes money, the other emphasizes items.
    - Mark loans as paid to get old loans out of the way.
    - Display full history of all loans and debts.
    - Display how many days or months have passed since the loans, so that you have motivation to try to get them back.
    - Sort loans by name, date or amount.
    - Specify your own currency symbol, positive and negative number formats, and number of decimal digits.
    - Support names from contact book or manually entered. Display contact's photo if using address book.
    - Automatically change theme (light/dark) to match the system's theme.

    Link: windowsphone.com/s?appid=2a6b7b34-c41f-4d4c-ac40-0c7bc1624b37

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