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    Who may find this app useful

    ->If u have a health condition which is affected by concentration of Ozone ,Particulate Matter, The Air Quality Index and other Air Quality data could be useful.

    ->If you need to know the Air Quality data of a particular location in US, this app may help you out. (Subjected to the Air Quality data availability for that location)


    ->Get AQI values for various pollutants(Ozone ,Particle pollution, Carbon monoxide,Sulphur Di Qxide and Nitrgen Di oxide). (Subjected to Air Quality data availablity).

    ->Tap location on Map and get Air Quality data for that tapped location in USA.
    ->Search for Air Quality data of a particular location in US by using the "Search By ZipCode" or "Search by Location" feature.

    ->Use the Current location feature to get the Air Quality data of your current location.

    ->The various condition as to whether the Air Quality is Good, Moderate etc are displayed with color codes.

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