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Discussion in 'Windows Phone Apps and Games' started by henryalunga, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Dec 26, 2010
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    Hello friends,

    Today i came across from an article Top 5 Free apps for the windows 7 phone and mentioned few free application for windows 7 phone but i m still confused about Foursquare app ..

    How can i use on my mobile and what's the main purpose of that app ?

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    Foursquare is a location based social app. It allows you to check in at places like restaurants and grocery stores. You are then rewarded with badges when you complete a certain amount of check ins at certain venues. You can also be rewarded with Mayorship when you check in at a certain location more times than any other. And participating locations, like Starbucks, awards Mayors with discounts.

    More info on their website:
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    Jun 20, 2010
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    To use it on your mobile you need to download the foursqaure app.

    The main purpose of the app is to advertise your location to other people. You "check-in" when you arrive at a location and that "check-in" is broadcasted to people so people can see where you are. It's designed to allow for easy meetups, your friends and such can see where you are and if they are in the same general area they can stop by. However that being said it's important to realize that you are broadcasting your location to people which could be potentially dangerous and an invasion of privavy. Facebook has a similar feature called places.

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